"Look at you. Don't even have balls to pull trigger."
—Hiroyasu Kurahashi

Hiroyasu Kurahashi is a character in killer7. He is an elderly member of Japan's ruling United Nations Party, and a close friend of fellow party member Shinya Akiba. Together with Akiba he helped contribute to Japan's reconstruction following the Second World War. Like his friend, he has a strong dislike of the younger generation.

Following Toru Fukushima's death at the hands of Liberal Party assassin Julia Kisugi, and with Japan's fate still as yet undecided, Kurahashi and Akiba taunt the young and relatively inexperienced new leader, Kenjiro Matsuoka, over his inability to achieve anything, as well as his lack of courage. When Matsuoka gets frustrated with them, Kurahashi tosses him a gun, goading him to shoot them both; he reveals that they only got their positions by killing their own predecessors.

When Matsuoka actually does shoot them both, they are brought back to life as special Heaven Smiles by Kun Lan, who, it is implied, they have a degree of familiarity with. Following Matsuoka's 'conversion', they remain behind in the UN Party boardroom and await the Smiths; in the ensuing battle they toss explosive lumps of their own brain matter at KAEDE Smith, who snipes them in their exposed skulls.

Kurahashi and Akiba later return as Remnant Psyches at ISZK-LAND during the events of Target03: Encounter, where they defiantly warn that though Japan has seemingly been destroyed, the 'maggots' of its population have survived, and will proceed to have their revenge on a world that stood by and did nothing as it was obliterated.


  • "Hey kid. Do yourself big favour."
  • "You want to shoot us with that gun? Go ahead."
  • "Shoot us if it will make you happy. But it won't make any difference."
  • "Why do they treat elders like we are such nuisance? Only if they knew how much we truly contribute."
  • "Our voices will never be heard."
  • "We will have our revenge. The whole world will pay for its sins."
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