Standard Heaven Smiles (ヘヴンスマイル, Hevunsumairu) are the primary enemies faced in killer7. They are the most common variety of Heaven Smile, and lack the specialised abilities of their brethren. They are the only type of Smile to appear in all seven of the game's missions.


Heaven Smiles appear as heavily distorted humanoids with mottled skin, although like all types of Smile they are initially invisible until scanned. Their large, gaping mouths are permanently fixed into rictus grins that show off their large, spiky teeth, and their eyes are usually a glowing yellow. Smiles typically remain motionless until they detect the presence of a nearby target, at which point they laugh and begin to shamble slowly towards the intended victim.

Once they are close enough they will laugh hysterically, lunge at the target and detonate with devastating force. This explosion is invariably fatal to regular humans, although the Smiths can withstand multiple blasts. As they move they can be heard continuously mumbling a distorted portion of Kun Lan's dialogue with Harman Smith towards the end of Target00: Angel: "A new generation of children will bring order to this age."


Heaven Smiles can be slowed down by shooting them anywhere on the body, although they will still persist even if one or more of their limbs - sometimes even their head - is shot off by the player. If a Smile's legs are blown off it will either crawl or slither rapidly towards the player in an attempt to grab them and explode. The best way to dispose of a Heaven Smile is to scan it for its weak spot, indicated by a glowing, sparkly yellow area located somewhere on its body (typically the head, elbows or knees).

Shooting this weak spot will kill them instantly and generate Thick Blood for the Mad Doctor to process, although the Smiths will receive no Thin Blood for killing them in this fashion. Conversely, killing a Heaven Smile conventionally (that is, by simply shooting them anywhere on the body enough times) will yield Thin Blood, but no Thick Blood. The weak spots are invisible in killer8 mode.

Iwazaru Note DescriptionEdit

  • Master. This is too much. Quite a laugh, really! These enemies are more than just bomb freaks. Rumor has it they're altering human beings. If you just think they're gonna attack head-on, you'll get burned! You can expect a delivery of new types in the near future. Don't be fooled by their cackling. Aim straight for their weak points. In the name of Harman...
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