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:''No to be confused with [[Heaven's Smile]].''
:''Not to be confused with [[Heaven's Smile]].''
[[Image:Smile.jpg|thumb|250px|A Heaven Smile clings to the ceiling.]]
[[Image:Smile.jpg|thumb|250px|A Heaven Smile clings to the ceiling.]]

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Not to be confused with Heaven's Smile.

A Heaven Smile clings to the ceiling.

Heaven Smile is a terrorist organization in the video game killer7 headed by demi-god and main antagonist Kun Lan. While it is considered a terrorist organization, its members are actually demonic, mutated beings that also act as living bombs.


Heaven Smile first appeared at a meeting of the United Nations, where one of its operatives executed the organization's first suicide bombing attack. Hereafter, various other high-profile targets were hit, signaling the return of terrorism to the world.

The killer7 is called in to deal with the threat, only to find it rising higher and higher. The major international powers debate for some time before eventually reclassifying Heaven Smiles as non-human, thus giving themselves the right to exterminate them with moral impunity.

Although Kun Lan survives, the group's activities presumably come to an end with the death of the Last Smile.

Additionally, Heaven Smile may have its deepest roots in Flower, Sun, and Rain, another Kill the Past title, which briefly features a clone of minor character Step Sding who has been transformed into a living bomb (and detonates, destroying the Lospass Island shopping centre.)

Creation of Heaven Smiles

Through the use of Kun Lan's God Hand, normal humans, willing or not, are transformed into Heaven Smiles.

However, it is revealed in the course of Alter Ego, that just human flesh, alive or not, can be used in the making of Heaven Smiles. While this is true, flesh of the female gender was highly considered for the manufacture of the beings.

While the process of creating Heaven Smiles is unknown, it is possible that the more elaborate and complex forms are actually created somewhere else rather than in an immediate vicinity.

Types of Heaven Smiles

There are three basic types of Heaven Smiles: Those on whom genetic experiments were performed by inserting radioactive tumors, those who have been transformed into Smiles by the direct power of the God Hand, and those who have been created through replication or a Duplicator Smile.

These are the main types of Heaven Smile:

Additionally, a number of major characters were transformed into Heaven Smiles, most notably Andrei Ulmeyda. The Last Smile was unique, and appeared to have the face of Kun Lan himself.

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