Haters are enemies in LET IT DIE. They are the reanimated corpses of Fighters who have fallen in battle in the Tower of Barbs. Significantly more powerful than other enemies, they are also highly aggressive, making them a challenge to deal with.

In actual fact, Haters are the Fighters of players who have died while playing, if the player opted not to use a Death Metal to revive themselves immediately. They will appear nearby the spot at which they died, and will be encountered randomly by other players. They are easily identifiable by the sound that plays when they become aware of the player, and the unique battle music that follows. The username of the player in question appears in bright orange over their head, in place of the usual enemy name such as Mk-1.

Haters will remain where they are, attacking passing players in other games, until they are revived or abandoned by the player who lost them. If a Hater kills another player, the Hater's "owner" will receive an item in their Reward Box. If a player kills a Hater, they receive SPLithium in addition to the customary Kill Coins.

It is because of a combination of Haters and the PVP elements that LET IT DIE requires a constant Internet connection.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Depending on the level and equipment the player had on them when they died, Haters can be disproportionately difficult relative to the level on which they are found, and even at a level comparable to that of the current Fighter, they can still be challenging. Possible strategies for easing the burden include:

  • Utilising their hostility towards other enemies to your advantage, goading them into damaging each other. It's unlikely that another enemy will kill the Hater, but they might take a chunk of its health bar.
  • Sneaking up behind or above a Hater and either Suplexing or Frankensteining them, respectively
  • Opening the festivities with a sniper rifle or by thowing a damaging Mushroom, including ones that confer negative status effects such as poison on the target.
  • Attacking Haters using close-range weapons with ranged weapons. They will consistently block and you may even run out of ammunition or durability before the Hater dies, but at least you'll take a chunk out of its health bar.
  • Buffing yourself with certain Mushrooms.
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