hand in killer7 is a book written to explain more of the plot and history of killer7. It contains material that was cut from the story of the game for reasons of space and time, character profiles, staff interviews and in-universe articles. It is debatable how accurate this information is, however, as some of it contradicts not only the game but other parts of the book itself.

Most of it has been translated by Delta Head Translations, which can be found below. (Heaven Smile profiles, staff interviews, and other minor features were not translated, but most-all in-universe documentation has been.)


Publication information for "Hand in Killer7":

"Hand in Killer7-Kill the Past, Jump Over the Age." Published August 2005 by CAPCOM CO, LTD. ISBN 457516445. 95 pages.

The international copyright for "Hand in Killer7" belongs to CAPCOM CO., LTD. This document is not an attempt to infringe upon or challenge that copyright. If an English-language version of this book is published, the following trans- lation will be removed in accordance with international copyright laws.


In August 2005, Capcom released the book "Hand in Killer7." Like other com- panion books to video games (such as the books that complement the Silent Hill games), "Hand in Killer7" offers new insights into the world of Killer7. Many fans of the game expected the book to fill in many of the empty spaces left in the plot.

Information within the book outright contradicts information given to the audience during the game, and the book introduces characters to the story that are never mentioned or shown in the game. 



Translated by Yoshiko Ohier; edited by James Howell. Proofread by Yoshiko Ohier and OVERDRIVE JEREL Smith.


I: FACTIONS                                                      [APPEN-FAC]
 A: The United Nations Party                                     [APPEN-FAC-A]
 B: The Liberal Party                                            [APPEN-FAC-B]
 C: The United States of America                                 [APPEN-FAC-C]
 D: The U. S. Government                                         [APPEN-FAC-D]
 E: The U. S. Opposition Party                                   [APPEN-FAC-E]
 F: The International Ethics Committee                           [APPEN-FAC-F]
 G: The Yakumo Cabinet Policy                                    [APPEN-FAC-G]
 H: The Asian Security Protocol                                  [APPEN-FAC-H]
 I: Fireworks                                                    [APPEN-FAC-I]
 J: International Mass-Scale Transit System                      [APPEN-FAC-J]
 K: Network                                                      [APPEN-FAC-K]

II: TIMELINE                                                     [APPEN-TIM] 

III: CHARACTERS                                                  [APPEN-CHA]
 A:  Harman Smith                                                [APPEN-CHA-A]
 B:  Kun Lan                                                     [APPEN-CHA-B]
 C:  Garcian Smith                                               [APPEN-CHA-C]
 D:  Dan Smith                                                   [APPEN-CHA-D]
 E:  KAEDE Smith                                                 [APPEN-CHA-E]
 F:  MASK De Smith                                               [APPEN-CHA-F]
 G:  Con Smith                                                   [APPEN-CHA-G]
 H:  Coyote Smith                                                [APPEN-CHA-H]
 I:  Kevin Smith                                                 [APPEN-CHA-I]
 J:  Samantha Sitbon                                             [APPEN-CHA-J]
 K:  Christopher Mills                                           [APPEN-CHA-K]
 L:  Travis Bell                                                 [APPEN-CHA-L]
 M:  Iwazaru                                                     [APPEN-CHA-M]
 N:  Kikazaru                                                    [APPEN-CHA-N]
 O:  Mizaru                                                      [APPEN-CHA-O]
 P:  Yoon-Hyun                                                   [APPEN-CHA-P]
 Q:  Susie Sumner                                                [APPEN-CHA-Q]
 R:  Kess Bloodysunday                                           [APPEN-CHA-R]
 S:  Gate-Keeper                                                 [APPEN-CHA-S]
 T:  Mad Doctor                                                  [APPEN-CHA-T]
                --MINOR CHARACTERS: ANGEL--
 U:  Angel                                                       [APPEN-CHA-U]
 V:  Red Gunners                                                 [APPEN-CHA-V]
               --MINOR CHARACTERS: SUNSET--
 W:  Toru Fukushima                                              [APPEN-CHA-W]
 X:  Kenjiro Matsuoka                                            [APPEN-CHA-X]
 Y:  Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba                         [APPEN-CHA-Y]
 Z:  Julia Kisugi                                                [APPEN-CHA-Z]
 AA: Jean DePaul                                                [APPEN-CHA-AA]
 AB: Hiro Kasai                                                 [APPEN-CHA-AB]
 AC: Spencer                                                    [APPEN-CHA-AC]
 AD: Kuramoto / Ohta and Jeffers / Dudley                       [APPEN-CHA-AD]
 AE: Three Young Men                                            [APPEN-CHA-AE]
 AF: Andrei Ulmeyda                                             [APPEN-CHA-AF]
 AG: Gabriel Clemence                                           [APPEN-CHA-AG]
 AH: Cult Member                                                [APPEN-CHA-AH]
 AI: Man in Photograph                                          [APPEN-CHA-AI]
 AJ: Old Man                                                    [APPEN-CHA-AJ]
 AK: Drug Store Employee                                        [APPEN-CHA-AK]
 AL: Postman                                                    [APPEN-CHA-AL]
 AM: Security Guard                                             [APPEN-CHA-AM]
 AN: General Lynch                                              [APPEN-CHA-AN]
 AO: Curtis Blackburn                                           [APPEN-CHA-AO]
 AP: Pedro Montana                                              [APPEN-CHA-AP]
 AQ: Ayame Blackburn                                            [APPEN-CHA-AQ]
 AR: Curtis's Bitch                                             [APPEN-CHA-AR]
 AS: Girl at Immigration Building                               [APPEN-CHA-AS]
 AT: Archangel                                                  [APPEN-CHA-AT]
 AU: Handsome Men                                               [APPEN-CHA-AU]
 AV: Trevor Pearlharbor                                         [APPEN-CHA-AV]
 AW: Love Wilcox                                                [APPEN-CHA-AW]
 AX: Singer                                                     [APPEN-CHA-AX]
 AY: Oracle                                                     [APPEN-CHA-AY]
                --MINOR CHARACTERS: SMILE--
 AZ: Emir Parkreiner                                            [APPEN-CHA-AZ]
 BA: Young Harman Smith                                         [APPEN-CHA-BA]
 BB: Dimitri Nightmare                                          [APPEN-CHA-BB]
 BC: Benjamin Keane                                             [APPEN-CHA-BC]
 BD: Greg Nightmare                                             [APPEN-CHA-BD]
 BE: Hiro Kasai                                                 [APPEN-CHA-BE]
 BF: Linda Vermillion                                           [APPEN-CHA-BF]
 BG: Gary Wanderers                                             [APPEN-CHA-BG]
 BH: Edo MacAlister                                             [APPEN-CHA-BH]
                --MINOR CHARACTERS: LION--
 BI: The Bloody Heartland                                       [APPEN-CHA-BI]
 BJ: Harman Smith                                               [APPEN-CHA-BJ]
 BK: Kun Lan                                                    [APPEN-CHA-BK]

V: JACO'S REPORT                                                 [APPEN-JAC]

 A: REPORT #01                                                   [APPEN-JAC-A]
 B: REPORT #02                                                   [APPEN-JAC-B]
 C: REPORT #03                                                   [APPEN-JAC-C]
 D: REPORT #04                                                   [APPEN-JAC-D]
 E: REPORT #05                                                   [APPEN-JAC-E]
 F: REPORT #06                                                   [APPEN-JAC-F]
 G: REPORT #07                                                   [APPEN-JAC-G]
 H: REPORT #08                                                   [APPEN-JAC-H]
 I: REPORT #09                                                   [APPEN-JAC-I]
 J: REPORT #10                                                   [APPEN-JAC-J]
 K: REPORT #11                                                   [APPEN-JAC-K]
 L: REPORT #12                                                   [APPEN-JAC-L]
 M: REPORT #13                                                   [APPEN-JAC-M]
 N: REPORT #14                                                   [APPEN-JAC-N]
 O: REPORT #15                                                   [APPEN-JAC-O]
 P: REPORT #16                                                   [APPEN-JAC-P]
 Q: REPORT #17                                                   [APPEN-JAC-Q]
 R: REPORT #18                                                   [APPEN-JAC-R]
 S: REPORT #19                                                   [APPEN-JAC-S]
 T: REPORT #20                                                   [APPEN-JAC-T]
 U: REPORT #21                                                   [APPEN-JAC-U]
 V: REPORT #22                                                   [APPEN-JAC-V]
 W: REPORT #23                                                   [APPEN-JAC-W]
 X: REPORT #24                                                   [APPEN-JAC-X]
 Y: REPORT #25                                                   [APPEN-JAC-Y]
 Z: REPORT #26                                                   [APPEN-JAC-Z]

VI: "Where Do the Heaven Smiles Come From?"                      [APPEN-WHERE] 

VII: "The History of Ishizaka Corporation                        [APPEN-ISZK] 

VIII: "The Mystery Behind First Life, Inc."                      [APPEN-LIFE] 

IX: Comments on "Hand-in-Killer7"                                [APPEN-COMMENTS]



After the Second World War, the United Nations Party was founded by former mem- bers of the Liberal Party. Since its establishment, it has become Japan's leading political party. Toru Fukushima is the party's leader; he is a former member of the Liberal Party. Some members of the party are older men, like Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba. The party also includes younger people, whose leader within the party is Kenjiro Matsuoka.

When Fukushima was killed, the party briefly fell into chaos. Fukushima was supposed to attend the Japan-U. S. meeting in the Kaku Building; in his place, the Liberal Party sent its members. Negotiations between the Liberal Party and the U. S. Government had concluded well before the meeting in the Kaku Build- ing, so the meeting was intended to be a mere formality. Unexpectedly, the U.S. Government broke off negotiations; as a result, both sides ended up kill- ing each other.


The Liberal Party is the second most powerful political party in Japan. Ohta and Kuramoto (the men who attended the negotiations in the Kaku Building) are members of the Liberal Party, and Hiro Kasai works as an informant for the Lib- eral Party. Intent on destroying the U. N. Party, the Liberal Party wants to reclaim its lost place as the forerunning political party in Japan.

The Liberal Party desired an extension of the Asian Security Treaty, and there- fore kept its relationship with the U.S. Government in good condition. Oppo- sitely, Toru Fukushima completely severed his relationship with the U.S. Gov- ernment; he ended the security treaty in the interest of establishing Japan as a truly independent state.

When the Liberal Party learned about Fukushima's annulment of the Asian Secur- ity Treaty, it sent Julia Kisugi to assassinate him. As well, Kisugi was in- structed to retrieve the Yakumo. The Liberal Party wanted to reclaim control of the Japanese Government, to protect the Japanese people's interests. It regarded Fukushima's action as reckless. Since the Liberal Party desired a more complex relationship of support with the United States, it was only natural that they should try to assassinate the leader of their Japanese competition.

Kasai asked the Killer7 to eliminate Jean DePaul. He wanted the Japan/U.S. Government meeting in the Kaku Building to succeed, in order to strengthen the security treaty.

Fukushima, however, had known for years that the U.S. Government was plotting against Japan. He took his anti-U. S. position in preparation.


Since the foundation of the United States of America, many organizations and political parties struggled for power. Although history recognizes the United States of America's government as a democratic republic, it is rumoured that a shadow government really runs the country.


The U. S. Government's cold attitude toward Japan resulted in a rupture in its relationship to Toru Fukushima. The Killer7 receives its missions from the U.S. Government, through Christopher Mills.

Jeffers and Dudley—the U. S. representatives at the meeting in the Kaku Build- ing—were sent to the meeting in order to break off negotiations with Japan. They were expendable pawns, who were sent to end the negotiations by killing the Japanese representatives—and being killed themselves.

As a result, Japan was thrown into total chaos. Some wondered whether Japan's disorder was the President and the U. S. Government's intention from the start. However, the President's delay in response was due to the prolonged settlement on the distribution of Japan's land and natural resources, with European countries.

The true "test of Japan's value" for the U. S. Government was nothing more than determining what benefit the U. S. would receive from Japan's destruction. If the U. S. had received fewer concessions and benefits from Japan's destruction, the Fireworks are likely to have been launched.


Behind the scenes, the U. S. Opposition Party is connected with Kun Lan's EAST; it tries to help him crush the United States. The U. S. Opposition Party controls the U. S. Immigration Bureau.


The International Ethics Committee [IEC] is a peace-keeping organization that mediates in international conflict. The IEC intended to make the United States attack Japan. It sent Jean DePaul to Restaurant Fukushima with orders to eliminate Kisugi, to destroy Japan's Liberal Party. (If Fukushima was allowed to live, Japan's isolation would be maintained.) The rationale behind sending DePaul to the Kaku Building was similar: to break off the negotiation by kill- ing members of Japan's Liberal Party, who wanted to extend the security treaty. However, DePaul encountered MASK De Smith before he reached the meeting room; DePaul's mission failed. His life was wasted, since the IEC's desires were fulfilled without the need for their intervention.

The next objective of the International Ethics Committee is to colonize Japan with Russian and Asian populations. They have already occupied Hokkaido and Kyushu; now, they are arguing over concession of Honshū with the United States. In Singapore, the negotiations regarding the division of Japan continue.


The Yakumo Cabinet Policy was created in 1953. It was the work of the group known as the Union 7, who were young members of the Liberal Party. The Yakumo Cabinet Policy (called "Yakumo" for short) addressed such subjects as "the ideal nation," foreign policy, and other matters of nationalism and diplomacy. The policy was given to the Liberal Party's chief secretary, after which it disappeared. The Union 7 was forced to disband, owing to internal conflict within the Liberal Party.

Julia Kisugi was hired by the Liberal Party and sent to the United States, to retrieve the Yakumo. She was hired as a secretary by Toru Fukushima, who she later killed. However, the Yakumo had been taken by Jean DePaul (a spy from the International Ethics Committee), who had taken work in Fukushima's rest- urant as an apprentice to the head chef.

The whereabouts of the Yakumo were unknown, after that. However, it was rumoured that a young mail clerk in a small Texan town named Andrei Ulmeyda had found part of the Yakumo, somehow. Ulmeyda established a company called "First Life." As his company grew, he employed most of the town's residents. "First Life" developed the town and became much more than a simple business.


One of the primary causes of international conflict is the limited number of energy resources, in conjunction with different economic systems and environ- ental concerns.

In 1975, in Hakone, Japan, an international conference met to find solutions to energy security problems, specifically as they related to Asian countries. The Hakone Protocol contained three different possible routes:

[1] The Pipe Plan. This plan was advantageous to oil producing countries in the Middle East.

[2] The Civic Plan: This plan was advantageous for China and its allied coun- ries, all of whom had a high dependency on coal.

[3] The Massive Plan: This plan was advantageous for the United States and Europe, who desired oil concessions from the Middle East.

One of these three plans was adopted by the countries who attended and voted during the international conference. However, there was no formal announcement regarding which of the three plans was selected.


In 2003, the United Nations Army intervened on international conflicts and brought true peace to the entire world, for people of all races. The United Nations declared world peace. [EDITOR'S NOTE: The "United Nations" referred to here IS NOT THE U. N. PARTY. The U. N. Party is specifically Japanese, and specifically operates within the context of U. S./Japanese diplomacy. The United Nations, in this section, refers to the real-world global welfare organization.]

Global disarmament commenced. All members of the United Nations signed a formal agreement, dedicating their countries to a total abolition of weapons of mass destruction. The agreement stipulated that the disposal of the weapons of mass destruction must occur within plain view of the entire world's population; this meant that undersea or underground detonations were not allowed. The United Nations decided that the missiles should be launched outside the Earth's atmosphere, then intercepted by other missiles, thereby exploding all missiles at once.

These explosions lit up the night sky. Because of their resemblance, these explosions were called "Fireworks." They were the most anticipated event in the history of the world. The International Photographic Mapping Office trans- mitted photographs of these explosions all over the world, so that anyone who missed the explosions could see proof. In April 2005, the Fireworks took place in the sky above Ibiza island. The sky over Japan was chosen, also, as a point of detonation.

All this is how history records the events. However, in reality, the "peace for people of all races" was imposed by the United Nations Army, and the World Peace Declaration was superficial. Oppositely, racial tensions increased under pressure from the United Nations.


The United Nations feared that it could no longer control the international market, owing to the hastened development of means of distribution of mater- ials. Therefore, it enacted greater restrictions on the air transportation industry.

Additionally, research institutes reported that an unknown virus was trans- ported via airplanes; this virus had the potential to spark a global epidemic. A decline in the use of airlines was inevitable. In order to replace air transportation, a network of "Intercontinental Expressways" was planned for construction.

After the construction of the Intercontinental Expressways, a next-generation distribution system was slated for construction, using the Intercontinental Expressways as their foundation. For its successful operation, a newly dis- covered power source would be used to move a gigantic metal plate across the sea floor. The plate would have a base area of several kilometers. This next- generation distribution system was called the "Intercontinental Mass-Scale Transportation System."

Construction of the new transportation system began in 2003; by 2005, forty percent of the project had been completed. As of the events of Killer7, con- struction continues. Many politicians became rich from under-the-table con- cessions granted to private corporations, who supplied materials for the large- scale construction.

As of 2005, the project had concluded its experimental phase. It was proven workable. However, nations still struggle between each other, over concess- ions promised at the beginning of the project, regarding the maintenance of the infrastructure.


In 1996, the International Photographic Mapping Office was created as an organ of the United Nations. Initially, the office was supposed to sort and dis- tribute aerial photographs for the United Nations Army. Several years later, however, the office was involved fully in controlling media and commercial images.

In 1998, the private use of the Internet was banned globally by the United Nations. Under the influence of such organizations as "Security Council," "Economic and Social Council," and "Human Rights Committee," regulation on the uses of the Internet was reinforced. The restrictions were established to help protect national secrets, as well as individual information, and to protect against cyber-terrorism in the global market.

As a result, analog devices replaced digital devices to support the networks and other media.

However, even after 1998, a computer network still operates that supports hack- ers and devoted online gamers. Love Wilcox rose to celebrity status among the members of this underground subculture.


[ 1750 ] New Southampton, Wineport: HARMAN DELTAHEAD was born. He was the first-born son in his family.

[ 1750 ] Lhasa, Tibet's capital: KUN LAN was born. From birth, he was the heir of the governor. He was born an adult.

[ 1753 ] Kun Lan (at the age of three) became worshipped as the reincarnation of a demon. An underground organization recognized him as their leader.

[ 1758 ] Harman Deltahead (at the age of eight) met a man who introduced himself as Harman's neighbor. The man had an angelic smile.

[ 1768 ] Harman Deltahead's beloved Susan was murdered. Until this point, Harman had lived an ordinary American life. With his loss, he went mad. He first en- countered the REMNANT PSYCHES at the villa where Susan had been killed.

When Harman entered the villa, he saw a vision of six corpses and Susan, who was tied up. The neighbor with the angelic smile had guided him to the villa.

It was then that Harman Deltahead decided to change sides: from victim to killer.

[ 1772 ] Harman Deltahead joined the JIM TOWNSEND SURVEY COMPANY. While the J. T. Survey Company outwardly portrayed itself as a census institute, its real work involved taking "contracts"--missions of assassination.

Harman entered the world of professional killers.

[ 1774 ] Harman Deltahead left for a mission that brought him to the Union Hotel. On the rooftop, he met a man named DIMITRI, whose nickname was "Three Eyes."

The neighbor with the angelic smile—Kun Lan—appeared in front of Harman Deltahead. Kun Lan became the medium through which "Three Eyes" spoke.

Harman and Kun Lan quickly became close friends. They met for tea regularly.

[ 1775 ] Harman Deltahead killed Jim Townsend, head of the J. T. Survey Company. Harman was revered as one of the world's best killers.

He formed the FIRST SMITH SYNDICATE and changed his name to "HARMAN SMITH." Harman Smith was feared globally as one of the most horrific assassins.

Dimitri was the first member of the First Smith Syndicate; he was Harman's first victim, and the origin of Harman Smith's "God Killer" powers. Dimitri was believed by others to be Harman Smith's bodyguard, and inspired fear equal to that inspired by Harman Smith.

This was the start of Harman's multiple personalities.

[ 1778 ] Harman Smith unexpectedly quit professional assassination. He disappeared from society and history.

Dimitri was rejected by the core persona. The core persona separated from Harman Smith and became Harman Deltahead, once more.

[ 1780 ] Harman Deltahead founded Coburn Elementary School and became the school's first principal. Secret underground organizations funded Harman Deltahead and Coburn. They wanted Coburn to specialize in educating individuals who would spread and cultivate capitalism.

[ 1789 ] The first presidential primary election was held at Coburn Elementary School.

[ 1820 ] The dead bodies of Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan were found at Coburn. They had been killed while playing chess.

[ 1942 ] EMIR PARKREINER was born.

Dimitri disappeared from society and was not heard from again.

[ 1946 ] In the political turmoil following Japan's defeat in World War II, the LIBERAL PARTY proved itself so inept that it couldn't pay for the rental of its own facilities. TORU FUKUSHIMA was working as an aide to a member of the Japanese Diet, when he was contacted by the U. N. PARTY.

Fukushima became a political "architect" for the U. N. Party.

[ 1948 ] According to official records, Emir Parkreiner's parents died in a car accident.

[ 1952 ] Emir Parkreiner killed his parents and disappeared from society. At the time, he had been living with his parents, under the surveillance of the U. S. Government in an isolated state.

[ 1953 ] The "UNION 7" wrote "the Yakumo Cabinet Policy" [YAKUMO]. The Union 7 was comprised of young Japanese political figures, who were members of the Liberal Party, though they stood apart from the internal conflict that threw the party into chaos.

The Yakumo was given to the Liberal Party's chief secretary, but it vanished. The Union 7 was dissolved as a group. The following year, the U. N. Party overtook the Liberal Party in the political arena.

[ 1954 ] The horrific crimes committed by the killer known as "THE BLOODY HEARTLAND" became serious problems to society.

[ 1955 ] The Union 7 attended a secret meeting at the Union Hotel, which was called "the Yakumo Secret Meeting." They were killed by a serial murderer, though the whole incident was hushed up. The affair was called "Killer7."

On the rooftop of the Union Hotel, Harman Smith met a dying boy with three eyes. The boy was Emir Parkreiner.

Harman Deltahead and Kun Lan resurrected.

[ 1957 ] The SECOND SMITH SYNDICATE was formed with seven personae. They were called "KILLER7".

[ 1959 ] CURTIS BLACKBURN was in his mid-teens. Though he became notorious among Seattle's underground societies, he did not belong to a criminal organization. He worked for the government, and his work consisted of contracts from the U.S. Government.

[ 1960 ] Japan and the United States signed a security treaty.

[NOTE: the text of this treaty may be read here: http://www.ioc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~worldjpn/documents/texts/docs/19600119.T1E.html ]

[ 1967 ] HIRO KASAI met Harman Smith in Hakone, Japan; he had a mission for Harman.

Kasai wanted Harman to investigate the security of the votes of countries involved with the Asian Security Treaty. After his investigation, Harman promised Kasai that the treaty would be ratified, and gave Kasai the report of his investigation.

Harman Smith met the chairman of the countries who were members of the Asian Security Treaty. The treaty was ratified, and Japan became a member of the council. In front of Harman, the chairman committed suicide.

[ 1969 ] TRAVIS BELL became the first victim of the Second Smith Syndicate.

[ 1973 ] Harman Smith lost his chess game against Kun Lan.

As part of his loss, Harman promised to give Kun Lan control over the major cities of the west coast of the United States of America. Harman began the process by sending DAN SMITH to Curtis Blackburn in Seattle, to destroy the small gangs there and establish Blackburn's control.

CHRISTOPHER MILLS, as a young boy, became Blackburn's informant and entered the world of underground society.

[ 1975 ]

Blackburn ended his role as Dan Smith's mentor. On a basketball court, Curtis shot Dan to death.

GARCIAN SMITH recovered Dan's corpse, and he obtained the power to resurrect the dead.

[ 1978 ] The Killer7 took a mission from the head of a Spanish organization that specialized in cleaning up the aftermath of accidents. They left for Spain. The target was the son of one of the organization's workers: KESS BLOODYSUNDAY.

[ 1980 ] KEVIN SMITH fought the pharmaceutical mafia in Miami, Florida. During the fight, Kevin killed the man he loved.

[ 1982 ] In Madison Square Garden, , MASK DE SMITH fought a decisive battle against an army of prototype Heaven Smiles and "Mask Smiles."

Kun Lan's shadow began to creep over the Second Smith Syndicate.

[ 1987 ] Using their connections within Seattle's base for the nation's Self-Defense Department, Curtis Blackburn and PEDRO MONTANA created a black market organ- trafficking route. They did this by manipulating the Immigration Department's procedures.

[ December 1990 ] In southern France, the Killer7 took on a mission to dissolve a secret meeting that was scheduled to be held at a first-class resort hotel. There, they con- fronted large numbers of "Rollout Heaven Smiles."

The Killer7 decimated the Heaven Smiles, but an unknown woman appeared in front of them. She killed one persona after another; she nearly annihilated the Second Smith Syndicate. In the end, though, Harman Smith successfully cut her down.

The personae were so heavily damaged, it took Garcian Smith ten years to resurrect all of them. During this time, the activity of the Second Smith Syn- dicate was suspended.

SAMANTHA SITBON began serving Harman Smith. In the absence of the other per- sonae, she took work as a persona of the Killer7.

[ 1992 ] HOLBERT, an FBI Special Agent, infiltrated Coburn Elementary School and was murdered.

[ 1998 ] The world enjoyed its first year of total peace. The international community banned all air transportation, in the interest of suppressing terrorism. The analog network system rapidly developed.

[ 1999 ] Samantha Smith—who was a temporary persona of Harman—killed JOHNNY GAGNON.

[ 2000 ] Garcian Smith succeeded in resurrecting all of the fallen personae. The Second Smith Syndicate was back.

However, Dan Smith tried to kill Harman in a fit of lunacy. Harman was wounded mortally; he fell into a state of suspended animation. Samantha left her work as a killer-persona and began taking care of him.

[ 2002 ] The Network of Intercontinental Expressways opened.

[ 2003 ] Construction of the International Mass-Scale Transportation System began.

Radioactive waste and other materials were sent to an energy disposal facility, a dome structure built in the Indian Ocean. The international community's ultimate goal was to eliminate all intercontinental missiles.

The number of terrorist attacks using "Heaven Smiles" increased.

[ 2010 ] ----- ANGEL Harman Smith returned. The battle in the "Celtic Building" occurred.

[ 2010 ] ----- SUNSET 200 missiles launched toward Japan.

JULIA KISUGI was contracted by Christopher Mills to kill Toru Fukushima. At the restaurant Fukushima, Kisugi, JEAN DEPAUL, and the Killer7 met. DePaul was an agent for the International Ethics Committee. Kisugi killed Fukushima, but the location of the "Yakumo Cabinet Policy" was unknown.

Hiro Kasai informed Garcian Smith that Jean DePaul had infiltrated the Kaku Building, wherein the final secret meeting was held between the United States and Japan.

The Killer7 headed for the Kaku Building. There, they fought a spiritual battle with Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba. Meanwhile, Kenjiro Matsuoka was chosen by Kun Lan as his messiah.

The missiles hit Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo: the four major cities in Japan. Japan was obliterated.

[ August 2010 ] ----- CLOUDMAN Andrei Ulmeyda announced on television that the amphitheater wherein Stacy Spangles was giving a concert would be blown up by Heaven Smiles. During his public declaration of the act of terrorism, Ulmeyda challenged Garcian Smith to "find him out."

Garcian left for Texas. There, he witnessed Ulmeyda turn everything over to Clemence.

[ 2011 ] ----- ENCOUNTER Dan and Curtis had their final confrontation: between the master and the disciple, Dan brought Curtis to his end.

[ 2011 ] ----- ALTER EGO The comic editor of ZTT published "Handsome Men." Each time an issue was published, the events of the comic book occurred in the real world.

The Second Smith Syndicate fought the Handsome Men, in order to stop the serial murders committed by the Handsome Men.

Love Wilcox enacted her vengeance toward the largest advertising company in the world—Eloctro & Line Inc.--the force that controlled the crimes and the comics' stories, behind the scenes. The use of advertising as a means of pro- paganda and control was destroyed.

[ 2011 ] ----- SMILE Hiro Kasai, a member of the Liberal Party, fell from a building rooftop in front of Matsuken.

Garcian Smith recovered Emir Parkreiner's memory.

The Second Smith Syndicate dissolved.

[ 2014 ] ----- LION The Bloody Heartland—Emir Parkreiner—was awake. He entered Battleship Island alone to end everything.

Deep underground, he encountered Matsuken. He killed the final Heaven Smile-- "Last Shot"--who bore a striking resemblance to Kun Lan.

[ 2017 ] The United Nations dissolved for the sake of global reform.

The world entered an age of total globalization. National barriers ceased to exist.

[ 2020 ] Part of the "Yakumo Cabinet Policy" was made public. It became the subject of devout worship.

[ 2050 ] A new type of terrorism appeared: "Heaven Tears." The meaning of "terrorism" changed, again.

[ 2053 ] The Third Smith Syndicate was formed to combat the "Heaven Tears" terrorism.

100 YEARS PASS -----

[ 2115 ] In Shanghai, the battle between Harman Smith and Kun Lan continues.

[ 2170 ] The final battle takes place in Detroit. Billions of "Final Smiles" fly to Detroit from the East.

OVERDRIVE MASK De Smith—the main persona of the Fifth Smith Syndicate—confronts the horde of "Final Smiles."

[ 2171 ] The chess game between Harman Smith and Kun Lan never ends, fearing HIS apparition . . . .


A: HARMAN SMITH [APPEN-CHA-A] "Good night, child. It's past your bedtime."

(1) Born in New Southampton, Wineport, Harman Smith is of Irish descent. He is sixty years old and handicapped.

(2) He is the Deltaheads' first born son.

(3) He is the leader of the world's most powerful group of assassins, the Killer7.

(4) Because of his power, he is known as the "God-Killer."

(5) He is the origin of the multiple personae.

(6) In his twenties, he worked as an agent for the Jim Townshend Survey Company. He has been an assassin ever since.

(7) His weapon is an armor-piercing rifle.

(8) He is better than Kun Lan at chess.

(9) In 2000, he was nearly killed by Dan Smith.

(10) In 2010, he was resuscitated.

(11) He is tied intimately to Coburn Elementary School.

B: KUN LAN: Terror from the East. [APPEN-CHA-B] "Harman . . . the world won't change. All it does is turn. Now, let's dance."

(1) Half Tibetan and half Chinese, his age is unknown.

(2) He is the son of a governor.

(3) He is an incarnation of the demon, Mara Papima.

(4) He became the leader of underground societies at the age of three.

(5) His power has made him known as "God's Hand."

(6) He studied at a prestigious American university.

(7) He lost his Tibetan citizenship when he was twenty-four years old.

(8) Using fake passports, he has moved through underground organizations all over the world.

(9) In the past, he worked as a taxicab driver in Japan.

(10) His objective is the destruction of nations, using billions of Heaven Smiles.

(11) Kun Lan is Harman's most distant neighbor, closest observer, most sympathetic companion, and target.

C: GARCIAN SMITH: The man who killed the past. [APPEN-CHA-C] "I feel something . . . like somebody's calling out to me."

(1) Garcian Smith was born in Miami, near the border with Mexico. He is thirty-three years old.

(2) His nickname is "Garcie."

(3) He can see Heaven Smiles, using his powers of clairvoyance.

(4) His weapon is a handgun, with a silencer attached.

(5) He is not good at fighting; he is the weakest in battle.

(6) After recovering a body, he has to tap the button on the controller rapidly.

(7) He was "killed" by Harman in the past.

(8) Presently, he is Harman's faithful servant.

(9) Garcian is a sweet man who would not hurt a fly.

(10) He is the most important personality in the story.

(11) He is "the third eye."

(12) The Golden Gun rightfully belongs to him.

(13) He is also known as "the Bloody Heartland."

(14) His birth name and identity is Emir Parkreiner.

D: DAN SMITH: A tyrant in a three-piece suit. [APPEN-CHA-D] "I went and saw the Devil. Now it's your turn."

(1) Dan Smith was born in Detroit, Michigan. Of Irish descent, he is thirty-three years old.

(2) He is a tyrant—the true Hellion.

(3) His weapons are a revolver and the dreaded Demon Gun.

(4) He is best at eliminating the Duplicator Smiles with his Collateral Shot.

(5) He is a former agent of the Seattle Self-Defense Department.

(6) He and Mills have known each other for a long time.

(7) Curtis Blackburn was his mentor—and his mortal enemy.

(8) His room in the Union Hotel was #601.

E: KAEDE SMITH: She walks in a storm of blood. [APPEN-CHA-E]

(1) KAEDE Smith was born in Portland, Oregon. Of Japanese origin, she is twenty years old.

(2) Her nickname is "Barefoot."

(3) She cuts her wrist to send out her "Bloody Shower."

(4) Mizaru serves her.

(5) Her weapon is an automatic pistol, with a scope attached. She reloads slowly.

(6) She is a formidable fighter with kicks.

(7) Her brother is a member of the Liberal Party.

(8) She was killed by her own brother, who received his orders from Matsuken.

(9) Her body was recovered by Garcian.

(10) Her room in the Union Hotel was #404.

F: MASK DE SMITH: A profesional wrestler, the strongest. [APPEN-CHA-F] "Children are pure. They know who's the strongest."

(1) Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the masked man is thirty-eight years old.

(2) In MASK De Smith, Luchadore meets Lancashire: Mexican wrestling with Anglo-Irish tactics.

(3) He is very strong, even without weapons, using his German Suplex and Headbutt moves.

(4) His weapons are two grenade launchers that fire normal shells, Shock shells, and Focus shells.

(5) He is the most destructive member of the Killer7.

(6) His room in the Union Hotel was #306.

G: CON SMITH: Sound hunter, speed star. [APPEN-CHA-G]

(1) Of Chinese descent, Con Smith is blind at fourteen years old.

(2) He is known for his supersonic footwork.

(3) He has perfect hypersensitive hearing.

(4) His weapons are two automatic pistols.

(5) He is a big fan of the Handsome Men.

(6) He is very attached to Coyote Smith, and he hates Dan Smith.

(7) He whistles, when he is in a good mood.

(8) His room in the Union Hotel was #203.

H: COYOTE SMITH: The Hellion's nemesis. [APPEN-CHA-H]

(1) Coyote Smith is Puerto Rican and twenty-eight years old.

(2) He is known as the Thief, and he is extremely athletic.

(3) He has the power known as "Deadly Jumping" for use in burglary.

(4) His weapon is a modified revolver.

(5) He loves to unlock heavy padlocks.

(6) In the past, he was killed by Dan Smith.

(7) His room in the Union Hotel was #502.

(8) He speaks in the dialect from Hiroshima.

I: KEVIN SMITH: The taciturn killer. [APPEN-CHA-I]

(1) Born in England, Kevin Smith is thirty years old.

(2) He wears sunglasses.

(3) His weapons are a large knife and smaller throwing knives.

(4) When he turns invisible, he can bypass security systems easily.

(5) He is taciturn.

(6) He hates heights and loves dark places.

(7) His eyesight is weak.

(8) His shoulders are sloped, and he sometimes has bad posture.

(9) In the dark, his eyes are supposed to shine. However, this has not been confirmed.

(10) His place in the Union Hotel is in the lobby.

J: SAMANTHA SITBON: Obedient, aggressively sexual, and cruel. "Don't worry about him. This gruff loves to play rough. You wanna have a little fun, too . . . ?" [APPEN-CHA-J]

(1) Samantha Sitbon is a college student.

(2) She takes care of Harman for three days out of the week, for scholarship aide.

(3) In reality, she molests Harman.

(4) Sometimes, she teases Harman.

(5) She is mentally deranged.

(6) When Harman is awake, she completely changes into a loyal servant.

(7) She appears in the Pigeon's Letters.

(8) At the end, she obtains the name "SAMANTHA SMITH."

K: CHRISTOPHER MILLS [APPEN-CHA-K] "What's sad is that we've gotten used to this. I mean our senses . . . it's pathetic."

(1) Born in Seattle, Christopher Mills is forty-nine years old and of Scotch descent.

(2) He is the Killer7's informant.

(3) He is the connection between the U. S. Government and Killer7.

(4) He is the U. S. Government's dog.

(5) He was Curtis Blackburn's informant, when he was a boy.

(6) He and Dan Smith are old acquaintances, but their relationship is very bad.

(7) Mills is also an assassin, but his skills are terrible.

(8) He is in possession of the car covered in Ulmeyda's blood.

L: TRAVIS BELL [APPEN-CHA-L] "This just ain't right. Is it? Is it right for time to march on like this?"

(1) Travis Bell was the first victim of the Second Smith Syndicate.

(2) On a hot, humid summer night, he tried to kill the Killer7. Instead, he died by their hands. He then became a Remnant Psyche.

(3) He recalls that the feeling of being killed was exhilirating and exciting.

(4) Now, he stalks both the Killer7 and underground society.

(5) He is obsessed with T-Shirts. His emotions and states of mind are always printed on his shirts.

(6) He has a wealth of information regarding underground society.

(7) His last words to the Killer7 are: "Die like a dog, and then laugh it off."

M: IWAZARU [APPEN-CHA-M] "In the name of Harman . . . ."

(1) "Master, it is I, Vincel Dill Boris VII, Iwazaruscof!"

(2) "We are in a tight spot!"

(3) "This is harsh/"

(4) "Ew! Major grossness."

(5) "It's wonderful!"

(6) "Enough!"

(7) "Very good . . . ."

(8) "That won't do."

(9) "This is it!"

(10) "This is hot!"

(11) "I can feel it!"

(12) "In the name of Harman . . . ."


(1) Kikazaru is Iwazaru's retainer.

(2) His favorite things are the Soul-Shells, which the Master forgot.

(3) He crawls everywhere, to inform the Master of the Soul-Shells' whereabouts.


(1) Mizaru is Iwazaru's ex-wife.

(2) She is KAEDE's servant.

(3) Her cue to appear is KAEDE's blood shower.

(4) When she is called, she appears, shielding her eyes.

P: YOON-HYUN [APPEN-CHA-P] "Ah, welcome, my little loser. I don't see you going places...."

(1) Yoon-Hyun was the Killer7's first informant.

(2) He desires thick blood.

(3) He possesses the True Mask.

(4) He regards the Master as a loser.

(5) His most frequently repeated quotation is: "Tomorrow, it could be you."

(6) The last advice he gives is: "Don't count on the others."

Q: SUSIE SUMNER [APPEN-CHA-Q] "I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The imagination of a killer . . . ."

(1) She always says, "Hello, Mr. Smith," as her greeting.

(2) She is portrayed always as a freshly severed head.

(3) She is responsible for returning the rings.

(4) She loses her temper very easily.

(5) Her favorite hiding place is inside a dryer.

(6) After diving from the second floor of her home, mutilating a man by castration, loving chocolate sundaes in the South, using her father's rifle to kill a young man who courted her, and spending time in an isolation room, Susie Sumner died the death of a killer.

(7) She frequently uses Internet emoticons.


(1) Kess Bloodysunday is a boy who lives in his nightmares.

(2) He is always lost.

(3) Kess is keenly aware of someone having suddenly disappeared.

(4) He only sees all white, in front of his eyes.

(5) The scenery of his nightmares often fades.

(6) He confessed: "When I grow up, I will become the President of the United States."

(7) His fantasy is to go someday to ISZK-Land.

(8) A serial killer, he became a murdered killer.

(9) His final memories are of his mother, father, and the monster with three eyes.

(10) His final words are: "Who is the person taking my hand?"


(1) The Gate-Keeper is the guard of the Vinculum Gate.

(2) He will let a person challenge the demons beyond, if they give him enough Soul-Shells.

(3) If the person is not serious about challenging the demons, he will not let them pass.

(4) The Gate-Keeper is a fearsome man.


(1) The Mad Doctor can strengthen the Personae.

(2) He must be given blood, before he will help a person challenge the demonic forces.

(3) He uses a mysterious blood machine; it operates similarly to an espresso machine.

(4) Sometimes, the blood machine is out of order.


The following characters are minor characters from ANGEL.

U: ANGEL [APPEN-CHA-U] "At heaven's command, we kill the unwanted. We must get rid of bad trees from their roots. I hope you are not one of them."

(1) She lives in the innermost part of the Celtic Building.

(2) Her face has huge eyes, as in anime.

(3) She speaks viciously to Harman. She wears four faces on her back.

(4) The four faces are images of God's face.

(5) God's sense of humor is horrifying.

V: RED GUNNERS [APPEN-CHA-V] [These are four people who were attacked by Heaven Smiles, inside the Celtic Building.] "My friends are all dead. They were all murdered!"

(1) The "Red Gunners" are a small group of organized criminals, whose base of operations is the Celtic building.

(2) They consist of two men and two women.

(3) They were killed when they ran into the Heaven Smiles.


The following characters are minor characters from SUNSET.

W: Toru Fukushima [APPEN-CHA-W] "People were mere actors playing the role of politicians."

(1) Toru Fukushima is 61 years old.

(2) He is the owner of Restaurant Fukushima, and also the head figure in the United Nations Party.

(3) As a young man, he dreamed of becoming a politician.

(4) He is one of the founding members of the Union 7.

(5) He helped create the Yakumo Cabinet Policy.

(6) The Yakumo has the power to change the world.

(7) Fukushima lived with both his vision of an ideal nation, and the knowledge that Japan would disappoint his vision.

(8) He escaped Japan to live in the United States.

(9) He also dreamed of becoming a tea master.

X: Kenjiro Matsuoka [APPEN-CHA-X] "There are more important things. Like finding out who you are."

(1) Kenjiro Matsuoka was born in Hiroshima, Japan. Later, he moved to the state of Washington.

(2) His nickname is "Matsuken."

(3) He is the new leader of the United Nations Party, after Toru Fukushima's death.

(4) He was awoken to new ideals by Kun Lan.

(5) He believes in atoning blood with blood. He plays the role of executioner, to get revenge for his fallen countrymen.

(6) Emir must decide whether to kill Matsuken or to let him live.

(7) He is rumoured to have been KAEDE's lover, in the past.

Y: HIROYASU KURAHASHI and SHINYA AKIBA [APPEN-CHA-Y] "Japan's not going down just yet. Not without a fight.

(1) Akiba and Kurahashi are elderly executive members of the United Nations Party.

(2) They contributed to the effort to rebuild Japan, 61 years after the Second World War.

(3) They received their promotions within the party by killing their predecessors.

(4) They are close friends, and they are always seen together.

(5) They believe that Japan's destruction is the result of hasty, young Japanese politicians.

(6) They are dirty old men.

(7) Their brains hurtle forth and explode.

(8) "Your tie is askew, partner."

(9) They continue to live even after being killed by Matsuken.

(10) They don't respect Matsuken until he shows some "goddamn guts."

Z: Julia Kisugi [APPEN-CHA-Z] "From here, it's all about enjoying myself. Sure you got the balls . . . for a shoot-out?"

(1) Julia Kisugi is 22 years old.

(2) She disguises herself as Toru Fukushima's secretary.

(3) In reality, she is an assassin sent by the Liberal Party.

(4) Her objective is the Yakumo's retrieval.

(5) Her preferred guns are two light, customized .45 pistols; using these guns, she enjoys shooting.

(6) Her true desire is to escape underground society.

(7) The triviality of her own death brought her a small amount of happiness.

AA: JEAN DEPAUL [APPEN-CHA-AA] "Awesome . . . ."

(1) Jean DePaul is 23 years old.

(2) He disguises himself as an apprentice at Restaurant Fukushima.

(3) He was sent by the International Ethics Committee.

(4) His objective was to stop the Japan-US meeting.

(5) He is a real ladies' man.

(6) He should watch for falling objects.

(7) Secretly, he admires MASK De Smith.

(8) He believes that professional wrestling (a theatrical art) is the strongest fighting style.

AB: HIRO KASAI [APPEN-CHA-AB] "Let's get down to business."

(1) Hiro Kasai is 52 years old.

(2) He is an informant for the Liberal Party.

(3) He is intimately familiar with the Japanese community.

(4) He works to negotiate between Japan and the U. S.

(5) In bondage gear, he dives from a rooftop.

AC: SPENCER [APPEN-CHA-AC] "Mr. President: your assessment, sir . . . ?"

(1) A member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Spencer is an advisor for the United States.

(2) He calls the President of the United States, for a decision on whether or not to intercept the missiles launching toward Japan.

(3) After time ticks away, "Goodbye, Japan."

AD: KURAMOTO / OHTA and JEFFERS / DUDLEY [APPEN-CHA-AD] "Taking advantage of us, aren't you?" --"So, you've finally revealed your true self. You dirt bag." "Shut up, monkey!" --"I'll take that as a threat to the states."

(1) Two monkeys, two dogs: they sit through a tug-of-war meeting at the Mah-jongg table.

(2) Key pieces in the game are "Chi" and "Pon."

(3) The dogs bark; the monkeys jabber. In the end, all shoot each other.

AE: THREE YOUNG MEN [APPEN-CHA-AE] [These are the three young men who welcome MASK to Restaurant Fukushima.] "Irashaiamase, welcome. How many in your party, sir?"

(1) They work as waiters.

(2) The basics of their work are summed up in the phrases "Irashaimase" ("Welcome") and "Have a nice meal."


The following characters are minor characters from CLOUDMAN.

AF: ANDREI ULMEYDA [APPEN-CHA-AF] "The name's Aldrei Ulmeyda. I'm the man with the plan."

(1) Born in Arkansas, Andrei Ulmeyda is a twenty-seven year old Texas Bronco.

(2) He wears his hair in an afro style.

(3) He is involved with the world's largest corporation, a distribution company.

(4) He is the Chairman and Chief-Executive-Officer of the global organization, "First Life."

(5) He possessed part of the Yakumo.

(6) He is a heavy risk taker.

AG: GABRIEL CLEMENCE [APPEN-CHA-AG] "This . . . this blood. It tastes like Mr. Ulmeyda's."

(1) Gabriel Clemence is "today's lucky man."

(2) He returns alive from Ulmeyda's "driving yourself to death" game.

(3) In the rain of blood, he feels Ulmeyda's presence. He receives Ulmeyda's blessing to bring Ulmeyda's message to the next generation.


(1) The cult member is a fervent believer in Ulmeyda.

(2) He gives hints on how to progress through Ulmeyda City.

(3) He knows about the true spirit of fanaticism.

(4) He talks about Ulmeyda's film autobiography.

AI: MAN IN PHOTOGRAPH [APPEN-CHA-AI] [This man's photograph appears on the wall of the diner.]

(1) He was killed for having hidden Ulmeyda figurine number 12.

AJ: OLD MAN [APPEN-CHA-AJ] "Well, we don't get many black folk around here."

(1) He is an old man at the entrance of the city's interior.

(2) Everyday, he looks at Ulmeyda's posters.

(3) He gives Garcian advice.

AK: DRUG STORE EMPLOYEE [APPEN-CHA-AK] "I couldn't care less about that disco freak."

(1) The drug store employee carries her languid attitude with her to work.

(2) She observes that the afro hair style is outdated.

(3) A slave to tradition, she is a repressed woman.

AL: POSTMAN [APPEN-CHA-AL] "He sold the damn town!"

(1) The postal worker is a former co-worker of Ulmeyda.

(2) He believes that Ulmeyda is a con-artist.

(2) He wishes that he had gotten his hands on the Yakumo.

AM: SECURITY GUARD [APPEN-CHA-AM] "Please, forgive me. I'll tell you something, though . . . ."

(1) He is a security guard for First Life, Inc.

(2) He stops suspicious-looking people from getting into First Life's headquarters.

(3) He doesn't know what First Life does, exactly.

AN: GENERAL LYNCH [APPEN-CHA-AN] "So, I ask you to forget what you witnessed here today."

(1) General Lynch is a member of the U. S. Emergency Counter-measure Defense Department.

(2) He is the leader of the operation to capture Ulmeyda.

(3) He believed that he had captured Ulmeyda; instead, he was killed.


The following characters are minor characters from ENCOUNTER.

AO: CURTIS BLACKBURN [APPEN-CHA-AO] "Talk all you want."

(1) Born in Seattle, fifty-nine year old Curtis Blackburn is descended from English ancestors.

(2) One of his nicknames is "Whitehair."

(3) He is a professional killer.

(4) He worked for the Seattle Self-Defense Department.

(5) He was Dan's mentor.

(6) He is remembered most clearly on the basketball court, where he shot and killed Dan Smith.

(7) For fifteen years, he has hidden himself in bureaucratic government jobs.

(8) His main business is organ trafficking, though he will trade only girls.

(9) He is an old pervert.

(10) He fights Dan with a pigeon on his shoulder.

AP: PEDRO MONTANA [APPEN-CHA-AP] "H-help . . . F-f-forgive . . . ."

(1) Pedro Montana is a former agent of the Seattle Self-Defense Department.

(2) He betrayed both Dan Smith and Curtis Blackburn.

(3) Before he knows who is behind him, he tells Curtis that he doesn't want to play doubles.

(4) First, his family was murdered; then . . . ."

AQ: AYAME BLACKBURN [APPEN-CHA-AQ] "Like a flower that blooms in the soil of our carnal and corrupt society, I shall administer retribution to straying vermin that graze this land. For I am the Chairman of the Educational Guidance Council, AYAME BLACKBURN!"

(1) Ayame Blackburn is sixteen years old.

(2) She is into cosplay.

(3) She moves at high speeds in the darkness.

(4) She fights using a machine gun.

(5) Curtis taught her how to kill.

(6) She was picked up at the Immigration Bureau offices.

(7) She is an orphan.


(1) Where the hell did she come from?

(2) She got high in the car.

(3) When the concerto that she and Curtis were listening to ended, she was killed by Curtis.

(4) She was used as a distraction.


(1) She was found at the Immigration Bureau.

(2) She witnessed the mass murder at the Immigration offices.

(3) She went face-to-face with Curtis's gun.

(4) Later, she became the flower who bloomed at ISZK Land.

AT: ARCHANGEL [APPEN-CHA-AT] [She is the angel who gives Dan the Demon Gun.]

(1) She is an angel who lands in ISZK Land.

(2) She presents rewards for making it through the attractions.

(3) In one hand, she offers the Demon Gun; in the other, she offers a Soul-Shell.


The following characters are minor characters from ALTER EGO.

AU: HANDSOME MEN [APPEN-CHA-AU] "We are the Punishing Rangers, the HANDSOME MEN!"

(1) Anonymous, they are the Punishing Rangers.

(2) Their members are named Red, Blue, Light Brown, Dead, Purple, White Pearl, Pink, Gold, and Black.

(3) They are supposedly a force to fight the Heaven Smiles.

(4) They are internet gamers.

(5) They play in a fighting game called "Killer7."

(6) The death match was a set-up.

(7) After the Internet was banned in 1998, hackers and gamers trained themselves to eliminate the Killer7, in the online game "Killer7," and so became the Handsome Men.

AV: TREVOR PEARLHARBOR [APPEN-CHA-AV] "You better watch out! These Handsome Men are tough! Trust me, I know, 'cause I wrote 'em!"

(1) Trevor Pearlharbor is twenty-seven years old.

(2) He writes comic books.

(3) He has an artistic temperament.

(4) He is delicate and nervous.

(5) He misunderstood his relationship to the Handsome Men.

(6) Ultimately, he proves to be naive.

(7) He lives in a large villa in the Dominican Republic.

(8) He published only on the ZTT Comic label.

(9) He works for the advertising company, Electro and Line.

(10) A hole is scorched in his chest by the Handsome Beam.

AW: LOVE WILCOX [APPEN-CHA-AW] "I'll make sure justice is done. But in MY book, though."

(1) Love Wilcox is sixteen years old.

(2) She is a high school student.

(3) She is an extreme sociopath.

(4) She plays Handsome Pink.

(5) She is a famous game scenario writer, in the online world.

(6) She greets Garcian with the name "Mr. Killer Garcian."

(7) She creates scandals, using media.

(8) Her client is Electro and Line.

(9) Her plan is to avenge Trevor's death.

(10) Her passion is inspiring and beautiful.

AX: SINGER [APPEN-CHA-AX] "Here, let me sing you a song for travelers."

(1) He lives in the Dominican Republic.

(2) He sings a thought-provoking song.

(3) He is a Dominican, and he knows the sweet and bitter sides of life.

(4) The song he performs for Dan is a poem for travelers.

AY: ORACLE [APPEN-CHA-AY] ["Oracle" describes the twins who appear in children's forms.] "You shall be keen, traveler."

(1) The twins are 108 years old.

(2) In accordance with prophecy, they appeared in the image of two boys.

(3) The twins represent opposites: day and night, past and future, heavenly light and diabolical darkness.

(4) They are Mithra, the god of contract.

[Note: more information on Mithra may be read in the comments section following the translation of "Hand in Killer7."]


The following characters are minor characters from SMILE.


(1) Emir Parkreiner was born on 22 November 1942, in Nevada.

(2) He died on 22 November 1952.

(3) His social security code is "EAGLE."

(4) He was an ace, created by the Yakumo. [Here, the Yakumo is used to describe a political party, since there was once a Yakumo Cabinet in the government.]

(5) He is a killer, controlled by the government.

(6) When his Third Eye opens, he becomes the Bloody Heartland.

(7) He becomes Garcian Smith.

(8) He becomes crucial to the function of the Killer7.

BA: YOUNG HARMAN SMITH [APPEN-CHA-BA] "Long journey, but it ends here, Garcian. No . . . I think it's time I called you by your real name: Emir Parkreiner."

(1) Young Harman Smith is found in the Union Hotel.

(2) He took Emir in on the rooftop.

(3) He provides protection to Emir.

(4) He works for the United States of America.

(5) He is Emir Parkreiner's mentor.

(6) He is a voice coming out from the past.


(1) Dimitri Nightmare is the man sitting beside Harman.

(2) He is a shadow who enters into Harman.

(3) His true identity is a mystery.

(4) He is Harman's bodyguard.

(5) He works behind the scenes.

BC: BENJAMIN KEANE [APPEN-CHA-BC] "What's a country? Who are the people? What are politicians?"

(1) Benjamin Keane is sixty-nine years old.

(2) He wanted to become President of the United States.

(3) He enjoys playing Russian Roulette.

(4) He promises to tell Garcian Smith "how to hit on women with 100 percent success!"


(1) He is the real secretary of the Education Ministry.

(2) He was hung in the gymnasium.

(3) When fighting him, Garcian must pay attention to his crotch.

(4) Nightmare must be swung back and forth by being shot.

(5) He swings to the left, right, left, and right again without any blowing wind.


(1) Hiro Kasai is seen on top of a building.

(2) Matsuken stands beside Kasai.

(3) Kasai is cuffed, with attention paid to pierce his nipples.

(4) He dies after diving off the top of the building.

BF: LINDA VERMILLION [APPEN-CHA-BF] "Use your eyes to decipher how the system works."

(1) She is the one who kills Mills; afterward, she is his successor.

(2) She describes herself as "a protector of this country."


(1) Gary Wanderers is a taciturn successor of Samantha, in the save room.

(2) He is a silent butler.

(3) Fans of Samantha doubtlessly are disappointed by him.

(4) Still, he keeps quiet: this strange butler.

BH: EDO MACALISTER [APPEN-CHA-BH] "I remember all the faces of our guests."

(1) Edo MacAlister works at the reception desk of the Union Hotel.

(2) He is thirty-six years old.


The following characters are minor characters from LION.


(1) The Bloody Heartland leaves the Union Hotel covered in blood.

(2) He has killed six.

(3) He is uncontrollable.

(4) He has lost his mind.

(5) He is the Smith Syndicate.

(6) He is a monster.

(7) His clothing is classy.

(8) He killed Kess Bloodysunday.

(9) His green eyes are the Devil's eyes.

(10) On the rooftop, he received protection from Harman.

(11) He is awakened fully in LION.

(12) He is Garcian Smith.

(13) He is Killer7.

BJ: HARMAN SMITH [APPEN-CHA-BJ] [This refers to the Harman Smith who is lying on the floor.]

(1) Harman Smith is a ward.

(2) He sleeps now in Garcian's room.

(3) He was an old job for Emir.

(4) He has the power of absorption.

(5) He lives with Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon.

(6) He exists in the past, the present, and the future.

BK: KUN LAN [APPEN-CHA-BK] [This refers to the Kun Lan seen on Battleship Island.]

(1) Kun Lan is found on Battleship Island, in its deepest place.

(2) He is chased and finally cornered.

(3) "Master . . . Master . . . ?"

IV: "Study Article on Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon"

[Editor's Note: The following selection from "Hand in Killer7"is a news and re-search article written within the universe of Killer7. Think of it as a file you might have found in the game.]

"Study Article on Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon" by Jack Foley

Neurologist Graham MacAlister's body was found, twenty-three years after his disappearance from his professional and social circles. His death is a mystery.

The following article (his professional legacy) was published in the monthly magazine "Spreading the Truth" (August 1998).

I first met Harman Smith in 1975.

I had driven to Seattle to visit my old colleague, Doctor John Gibbon, who practiced clinical psychology in the area. When I rolled through downtown, it was already very late. I felt a premonition—something dark.

To complicate matters, my naturally bad sense of direction caused me to become lost in the city. I ended up in a back alley, and I met Harman Smith. He was in trouble; someone had stolen his car. (Later, I learned that the car belonged to Harman's companion, Christopher Mills.)

When Harman and Mills saw my car crawling down the alley, they forced their way into the passenger and back seats. I should have panicked. I should have run from the car-jackers, but I didn't. I allowed their presence. Maybe it's because of my premonition—some dark fate I knew I could never escape.

I surely would have fled, had I known what was in their luggage: a stiff corpse.

They told me in the car that they had no-where to stay the night. I pitied them, and I let them stay in my hotel room. They removed the corpse from the bag, and told me that they needed to hide in my room for the night to avoid pursuers. When I saw the body, my face palled. I boiled with self- loathing at my foolish invitation for them to stay the night. My recrimination quelled, though, after I saw their "ritual." Curiosity and inquiry—how much human despair has grown from these tendencies?

The "ritual" concluded by Harman absorbing the corpse—into his own body! When Harman focused his mind, the corpse changed into thousands of small particles; Harman's body then absorbed these particles. Harman's middle-aged body then transformed, and he took on all of the physical features of the absent corpse! Harman more than resembled the man—he BECAME the man.

The man who he became—his name was Dan—insulted me a few times. Then, Dan turned into those small particles again, and Harman returned before my eyes.

I had witnessed a true phenomenon. In my excitement, I asked Harman for specific descriptions of his methods. I thought I had begun to annoy him with my questions. Instead of shutting me out, though, Harman smiled; he held up a hand to silence me. A normal person would have fled at the sight of the phenomenon, but my abnormal curiosity intrigued him.

The notes that he allowed me to take read as follows: (1) He can only absorb corpses that meet unknown requirements for compatibility. (2) When Harman's consciousness recognizes that a corpse is compatible with Harman, the corpse transforms into thousands of small particles, which Harman's body absorbs. (3) Incredibly, the absorbed body exists within Harman—with its own personality completely intact! (4) When a persona becomes manifested, Harman's physical form changes completely, as it did when he transformed into the late Dan. Additionally, Harman's mental qualities change, too, adopting the total personality associated with the body. (5) In addition to Dan (the persona whose corpse had been absorbed in my presence), another persona exists inside Harman. That persona is named Garcian.

The situation bore similarities to Disassociative Identity Disorder, in which the patient completely changes his personality. For readers of this article who are unfamiliar with Disassociative Identity Disorder, I should explain that it is a severe mental problem. In it, the patient creates a new identity for himself; the new identity is severed consciously from the patient's original identity. Through the new identity, the patient loses contact with the original identity's perceptions, self-awareness, and memory.

The similarities do not mean that Harman's condition is identical to Disassociative Identity Disorder, though. A patient with multiple personalities only manifests the new identities; Harman actually morphs into the other identity's body. Needless to say, the creation of a physically new person in time and space is rare in any field of medicine.

Further, in most cases of Disassociative Identity Disorder, the multiple personalities are created when the patient believes them to exist outside of himself. A patient may have a personality named John and another named Eric; John and Eric believe that each exists in another body apart from each other. This is not so with Harman. In his case—or, rather, in THEIR case—the separation of the spirit creates a new body.

In most Disassociative Identity Disorder patients, the different identities (or personae) pile up inside the patient. They stack one on top of the one before, burying the original identity (or persona) at the bottom. In Harman Smith, the personae all exist parallel to each other; their identities and their bodies keep their individuality, yet they are bound to each other.

I call this the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon.

The next day, I begged Harman to hire me as his private physician, even though I knew that he was a professional assassin working with the criminal underworld. Harman Smith granted my wish.

I never met with Dr. Gibbon. As a scholar, it has been my duty to document and understand the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon. During my study of Harman Smith, I learned that he can absorb adult men—and, also, women and children. If Harman tries to absorb a body, and if his consciousness rejects it as incompatible, the personality becomes a phantom. I name the rejected personae "remnant psyches." (I will describe the remnant psyches in detail, in a future essay.)

Writing all of this down is like drafting my own will; it is suicidal to betray Harman's trust. The contract I signed bound me to remain silent about the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon, except with certain people. The contract never stated my punishment for crossing Harman, but I am no fool. Harman Smith is a professional killer; I know what will happen.

Perhaps I am a slave to my greed for knowledge. Whatever the consequences, though, I could not neglect these phenomena, as a scientist. Future generations must receive some record of the strange power of Harman Smith.

I only want the public to know; as much as I can, I have revealed the truth.

Graham MacAlister

The document printed above was found on Dr. MacAlister's body, which was found hanging from a noose. The doctor disappeared from his social and professional circles in 1975, because he was regarded as a delinquent by the medical community. He fervently proposed a psychological theory thatwas fundamentally delusional.

In addition, an employee of the Union Hotel (where MacAlister stayed) confirmed that MacAlister showed exceptionally strange behavior. At times, he would shriek without reason; he showed symptoms of mental derangement.

For these reasons, the police concluded that MacAlister had committed suicide, impulsively, as a result of his mental illness. The document referred to in his article on the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon, which described details of the so-called "remnant psyches," was never found.



I should start by saying that 'envelope' and 'cassette tape' are just words I use. That is to say, when I say 'envelope,' I'm not talking about an envelope made out of paper with a flap at the top. I mean something else, and you should know what that is. We often use this method of communicating, in my business.

With that out of the way, where should I start? Heaven Smiles.

Everyone knows that only Killer7 can exterminate the Heaven Smiles. Miss Jacob concludes so, and it's no mere urban legend. I don't know how the information on this leaked, but now the whole damn world knows about it.

My specialty? I make preparations and take measures against terrorism. Heaven Smiles are my mortal enemies. They've become such pests, the FBI and the police have even started hiring local kids, who hang out in odd places.

I'm an agent with the FBI. Yeah, I'm an old man, all right.

You won't get my name, but if you need to call me something, use the name "Jacob Checkbox."


Had I the power, I would wipe out the Heaven Smiles every day of the year. Out of duty? Hardly. I would do it for the sheer pleasure of erasing them from the earth.

Eighteen of my men were slain three weeks ago. Three Special Forces units were eradicated—all of them dead. Yeah, I know: any human being who tries to pare down Heaven Smiles gets blown to pieces—but this just isn't acceptable to me. Not at all.

Heaven Smiles . . . they're horrible. Anonymous, infinite in number, and always showing up . . . everyone's scared of them.

But what if you see a familiar face among them? A roommate, an old lover, someone you work with, ready to suicide-bomb along with the rest . . . wouldn't that be more truly horrific?


The FBI's intelligence department has been keen about its newest, latest pro- ject, called "The Simulation." The Bureau set up an experimental business, seven years ago, and they began their research. The data from that research has resulted in the successful invention of their newest machine.

The machine is called "Miss Jacob."

If we enter reliable data into the machine, Miss Jacob predicts the future, with a probability ratio of 1:315.5. When one of its predictions proves correct, the probability ratio of subsequent predictions decreases. To date, the standing best record for the machine's predictions is forty-seven con- secutive predictions of the HTA Company's stock price.

For obvious reasons, the use of Miss Jacob is restricted to the power of the President.

The weakness in using Miss Jacob to counter the terrorist army of Heaven Smiles is that the Smiles are everywhere in the country. This results in more data than even this enormous system can be aware of.

Only a handful of people understand the import of this statement: "Currently, no national agency, bureau, or cabinet can offer a practicable solution to protect the United States against the suicide-bombing Heaven Smiles."


Listen to the story of how my men were killed. Don't mistake me for a grumbl- ing sentimentalist, though. It's just my way to tell a story in the order of its historical facts.

On the afternoon of 18 September 2004, Heaven Smiles appeared in a bank located in the downtown area of Seattle.

The FBI's special forces were sent to the scene immediately; the incident occurred in one of the buildings under the FBI's surveillance, so we knew about it as soon as it happened. Important government documents were kept in the bank's innermost safe. We aren't talking about data stored on a disc, either: I mean real ink-and-paper documents. I never learned their contents.

When the FBI arrived, one-third of the people in the bank had already turned into Heaven Smiles. They quickly started killing all the others. One-third of the armed security guards, too, had become Heaven Smiles.

When I got there, it had been almost an hour since the whole thing started. Right from the start, I knew there would be no survivors. Under my command, three units had infiltrated the bank. I waited and listened to their reports from a distance—and they had stopped communicating with me.

The final report on the incident states that there were twenty-nine explosions. After that . . . nothing. Only pure silence.

I decided to enter the building myself, to retrain the remaining teams.

Miss Jacob would have calculated that my action was a probability well within her predictive powers.


God, the scene inside that bank was grisly. The floor overflowed with blood and gore. You couldn't even tell what part of the body most of the flesh had been, originally. I walked through it all, trying not to slip on a pool of blood, and I arrived at the bank's safe. The vault's door was half open. I sensed that someone—something—was inside.

I readied my M16 and walked into the safe.

I saw a table and two chairs in the middle of the vault, and two women sat there. I looked more closely at them: they were my wife and daughter . . . my thirty-seven year old wife, and my fourteen year old daughter, by God.

I tried to believe that I was hallucinating. I wanted to dream that I could return home, like every night, and sit down with them at the table in the dining room for supper.

But the vault was real, and so were my wife and daughter. My wife turned her face toward me and spoke. (I was too much in shock to know what she said.) Then, my daughter started to laugh. My wife echoed the laughter . . . they both laughed like crazy, endlessly. It started to pry away my last pieces of sanity.

I started firing. I shot the hell out of my wife and daughter. I fired and fired, until the M16 clicked, dry-firing, and I collapsed on the floor, frothing at the mouth.


The whole affair turned my soul into stone. I felt nothing. I couldn't even cry. At their funeral, I just stood there, a husk.

After that, I started the job.

I took a huge risk, in the beginning. I hacked top level information out of Miss Jacob: the results of her calculations. I got more information this way that anyone with my rank and status ever could; obviously, this was a tremend- ous crime.

I was looking for someone to kill.

When it comes to revenge, no one murders because they actually dislike the victim. Yet . . . sometimes we hit so many walls, and we get pushed to our limits, that we scramble madly for some way of pushing back. (I should say, though, that no one gets to this point of desperation, unless he loses every- thing important in his life. Then, revenge is the only option.)

Miss Jacob predicted the last member of the anonymous Heaven Smiles, like some kind of damn oracle. My face started to burn.


I wasn't given a name for that Heaven Smile, though. Until a specific identity could be brought to light, I named the final member of the Heaven Smiles "Last Smile."

There was a catch, and a week of logging onto Miss Jacob passed before I fig- ured it out. Forty-nine of Miss Jacob's predictions must occur in reality, in consecutive order, as a condition for the "Last Smile" to become revealed. In this forty-nine link chain of events, the first prediction has a 1:315.5 chance of happening. If the first prediction is correct, then the second has a slightly higher probability of occurring. According to the patterns of cause- and-effect that determine the predictive power of Miss Jacob's calculations, the chain reaction of events will result in the appearance of the "Last Smile." As of now, forty-seven of Miss Jacob's predictions have come true consecutively.

I know this is confusing. Let me put it this way: imagine that we have forty- nine dominoes set on their ends, in a row. Normally, if we flicked one of the dominoes on the end, all of them would fall over, each knocking down the one after it. However—imagine if there was a chance that any one of the dominoes could stop the chain reaction by NOT falling over. This is the state of affairs, with Miss Jacob's predictions. Even if we reached the forty-eighth domino in the chain, there's no guarantee that the forty-ninth domino would fall over.

According to Miss Jacob, then, the first event in the chain is called "SUNSET." In the near future, two-hundred missiles will launch toward Japan; this is the trigger. However, there will be no "Fireworks." Because of this, the second event in the chain will occur: Japan will be destroyed. From these events, the chain reaction leading to the "Final Smile" will ignite.

When I learned all of this, I felt helpless. I said to myself, "This won't happen. It can't happen."

I almost laughed out loud, like one of those damn Heaven Smiles. I couldn't believe Miss Jacob. I couldn't help but hope that the predictions were wrong.

I resolved to set out after that man; I left to meet up with Ulmeyda.


Miss Jacob is something else.

The event that was predicted to follow the holocaust called "SUNSET" was a phe- nomenal story about Ulmeyda—who is also called "Cloudman."

Ulmeyda is the CEO of "First Life, Co." None of their flyers, advertisements, or letterheads print an address for the central headquarters. The head office is supposedly situated in a building somewhere in Los Angeles, but it's a "head office" in name only.

I investigated the location of the company, using one of my connections in the government. I still don't know much about it. Is the company related to the mafia? Or does it simply have heavy protection? Either way, I'm prepared to deal with whatever comes.

I left my office to meet a guy I know—one of my old informants, from my time as a special agent. He gave me lots of ambiguous details, and, still, nothing concrete. But it was surreal . . . like I was seeing the predicted chain of events unfold, right in my living presence. Despite its ambiguity, ALL of the information given by my old informant matched the predictions made by Miss Jacob.

The incidents named "SUNSET" and Ulmeyda's First Life Co. seem unrelated, but Ulmeyda has an indirect connection to Japan. He got something BIG from them . . . and it seems that each of the incidents flows into the next, despite immediate appearances.

All of this strange information played into my method of finding the "Last Smile." I needed to verify the reliability of my method, using Miss Jacob's predictions. I wanted to see Ulmeyda with my own eyes. I followed the path that had opened before me.

I was off to Intercity, Texas. That's south by south-east.


Long before I met Ulmeyda, I entered this weird city. Still I had no clue how charismatic he is. He was calm, almost taciturn. He defied quite a number of my expectations.

Though I came to learn more about Ulmeyda, I started to discover more about my- self. I got a solid idea about what I was trying to do, following this path.

By the end of the visit, I had total faith in the predictive power of Miss Jacob. I have become Miss Jacob's goddamn acolyte. Still, I can't lie: I had to MAKE the events of Miss Jacob's predictions, run in her internal simula- tions, into reality.

I needed to wrench the "Last Smile" from the future. I needed to kill him, in the 49th predicted event. This was all I had to live for. I cannot forgive them, any of them! Not even when they are dead! I want to rake every last one of them off the earth! I can't stand their existence . . . I wouldn't mind dying, if it meant killing them all, no—I wouldn't mind. Hell, I actually WANTED to die.

No one can change the past; I could only move forward, make Miss Jacob's pre- dictions come true. Thankfully, I received guidance, to just that end.

And, following my received guidance, I was about to sell Ulmeyda his own death.


"Wow. This place is strange."

Ulmeyda: "You think so?"

"I know why you made this place. You used the prototype plans."

Ulmeyda: "Wait, what? Hold on just a second . . . prototype plans?"

"Don't play dumb."

Ulmeyda: "Well, so what, then?"

"I figured it out."

Ulmeyda: "Figured out what?"

"The future."

Ulmeyda: "The future!?"

"Yeah, it might not be reliable down to the last detail, but it's information worth a million dollars. Interested?"

Ulmeyda: "Now, hold on again. Why are you?"

"Aren't you concerned about the future, at all?"

Ulmeyda: " . . . maybe."

"Well, guess what: I'm another man with a prototype plan."

Ulmeyda: "Meaning what, exactly?"

"Let me explain it to you . . . ."


First, Japan will sink. Japan's destruction will be the signal flare in Asia that starts the ball rolling.

Then, a Pandora's Box will have opened. Want to know why? The original plan that your prototype came from will have been taken out of Japan. Certain powerful people want that information, very badly. You, too, are no different, really—right? All you have is a copy of the plan . . . not the original.

The U. S. Government will get it, though. The government in this country has enormous power. No one can stand against it.

After the U. S. has its hands on it, they won't need you anymore. "First Life" can't exist without the U. S. Government. This company is just a factor in the simulation program—the program that constructs an ideal world, and dares the risks involved with overthrowing the current political arrangements.

The deadline for the simulation's execution is fast approaching. What do you think will happen, then? You're smart. You can guess well enough. The YAKUMO won't be any use to you when you're dead, will it?


"Draw a picture," I said to Ulmeyda. I spoke with theatrical flair. "Any effort to escape is useless. You will be found and killed. However, if you make preparations that will make you the master of your own fate, you might be able to overcome your present circumstances."

The cloud-grabber grinned. His eyes lit up as he said, "Killer7."

What an impact that had on me. "Killer7" is the key to the next door, the next step in Miss Jacob's predictive story.


Here's how the next scenario was predicted to play out: a man associated with notorious underground activities, Curtis Blackburn, will be killed by an assassin. Who? None other than the hitman, Killer7.

I investigated Blackburn. He is a skilled killer, too; he worked for the gov- ernment for fifteen years. After that, though, he disappeared, and that's all anyone has known about him for the past six years.

During my investigation of Blackburn, I had a couple of "encounters."

The first encounter: I had to deal with a squealer, who made a call to me personally at my FBI office. He knew about me—I don't know how—so he took control of the conversation. I wanted to regard him as a lunatic, that he spoke nonsense. The nagging thing was, his conversation was filled with details that completed the puzzle left by the holes in Miss Jacob's descriptions.

I couldn't tell who it was, though; the voice was altered by some device, changing it beyond recognizability.


Caller: "He has ties with people in the Immigration Bureau. Hey, the Curtis Blackburn who I know is one evil son of a bitch. When he kills someone, he loves it--he really enjoys himself. But he's changed his personality, lately."

Me: "Changed? How?"

Caller: "I met a girl whose lungs had been taken by the Immigration Bureau. Unregistered immigrant girls are gathered in one place, and their organs are stolen. Why do you think they are stolen?"

Me: "The organs . . . they're stolen to sell."

Caller: "Exactly. As raw materiel . . . for the 'Heaven Smiles'."

Me: "Who wants them?"

Caller: "Listen up. The Opposition Party . . . there are people out there who want to use "Heaven Smiles" as weapons of mass destruction. Curtis started a business with those people in the Opposition Party, using his own special corporation, "Horizon." You know, he's got connections to the Department of the Interior. He can use the Immigration Bureau—any time he wants. He created the supply of fresh organs taken from kidnapped girls at the Bureau, and he's selling them to the Opposition Party."

Me: "'Heaven Smiles' as weapons of mass destruction? No way. That's crazy—that's just outrageous."

Caller: "But listen--that girl whose lung was taken? She's living with an artificial lung, given to her by Curtis. She makes a good living as a Taiwan- style masseuse. Seems that a lot of kids like her are out there."

Me: "What do you think that means?"

Caller: "Who knows. Maybe Curtis is just getting tired of his old, sick pleasures. Or he's completely reformed. Or he's plotting something completely different from what anyone thinks. You know, that might be it--he's been acting strangely. Think he might try to bring down everything he's built up for himself? Hell if I know what's going on in his mind."

Me: "So what's your place in this? Why are you telling me this?"

Caller: "Me? Hey, I'm just your average concerned citizen."


Me: "What is this, some kind of sick joke?"

Caller: "Listen, a confrontation between Curtis and Killer7 is unavoidable at this point. They're closely bound together. This fight will take place, even without your intervention."

Me: "My intervention?"

Caller: "Come on, man. You're probably just another pawn, who's working behind the scenes to prepare circumstances according to the larger designs of someone whose existence isn't even known to you."

Me: "What is that supposed to mean?"

Caller: "Don't you get it, you dipshit? You and I are part of the same gang! As long as we're acting on the same stage, we should know about each other's activities. The only difference between us is where we are in our careers. If you get close to Curtis now, he'll kill you easily. I don't care if you get yourself killed, personally, but there's the fact that you're with the FBI. If you die now, all the information you've collected will go public--and that could drag a lot of media attention. That can't happen, or our plan will fall apart. So what the hell's YOUR plan? You gonna get revenge on the 'Heaven Smiles'? Well, good luck to that, but it's time someone taught you a few things, and that someone's me. You're running around like a damn chicken with its head cut off--you need to take better care, and USE your head."

Me: "You have an unpleasant attitude."

Caller: "Chalk it up to the differences in our careers."


So, here's what happened in the second "encounter."

It was Sunday. A young girl knocked on my door. She claimed to be a friend of my dead daughter. I don't know what the relationship between them had been, but I didn't even want to think about it. Parents and children move in different circles; just as there are parts of a parent's world that a child doesn't need to know about, there are parts of a child's world that a parent doesn't need to know about.

We talked for a while, small talk. You know . . . what my daughter was like when she was still alive, and things like that. This girl was really beautiful, but sometimes she made unusual expressions, licking her lips. When she got ready to leave, she started talking about her part time job—that's when the weird expression completely covered her face. She said that she took care of an old man, Harman Smith. Her employer's name was Garcian Smith.

I trembled.

I decided to try to persuade her to help me out. It was easy. She's nothing but a greedy little girl—Samantha will do anything for money.


I took more precise measures, preparing each move in my investigation. I be- came totally absorbed in it. I quit acting independently, and I started using my subordinate agents. I went over the collected data and organized it all. I assembled the photographs, lined them up, and scrutinized each. I also wire- tapped suspicious locations. All hesitation inside me vanished completely.

I didn't need to move around as much, like before. All the details I needed were with me, inside. The actual U. S. Government's HQ, the Opposition Party's HQ, governmental offices, state institutions, public places . . . . They had all the information I needed. Each time I learned something new, I put more of the overall puzzle together.


I also recovered information on the Killer7's past. I learned a few things that had been covered up, until now.

Also . . . about the Governor of the EAST. Blackburn's dealings with the EAST were a big clue. When he was doing the U. S. Government's dirty work, he was drawn to the Governor of the EAST. The Governor is the single largest threat to the United States. It's generally accepted, after all, that the "Heaven Smiles" are created by the Governor of the EAST.

Though Blackburn respected the Governor, he would never have been brought to a state of adoration for him. Even if his reservation would make him look foolish, he would keep himself composed. This Blackburn . . . he's a strange one, I'll give him that.


The so-called "Smith Syndicate Incident" is filed with the number A-00001 in the Killer7-related data.

Whether by chance or by fate, the men and women who shared the last name "Smith" were gathered in a cheap hotel, in the south of France, and they were all murdered. It's obvious who killed them: Emir Parkreiner, also known as "the Bloody Heartland." He was a peerless murderer, who slew 300 people in the U.S. and Europe. Even though these murders happened fifteen years ago, Park- reiner still has not been apprehended.


The "Smith Syndicate Incident" is legendary, now. There are plenty of fiction- alized accounts of it. And, as time has passed, we are now unsure exactly what is fact and what is fiction. By this point, even those who were there when it happened probably feel the same way.

Maybe the least trustworthy thing is reality. Doesn't that seem right? In today's world, I think that makes most sense. As far as I am concerned, fiction seems true and it dazzles my eyes.


Did you see the Handsome Men? My favorite is Handsome Pink. She is pretty "handsome" alright, even if she is young. I just can't help myself; those thighs are something else. I was sitting at my desk in the FBI head office, and I lost myself in wild fantasies, tracing the line of her inner thigh with my eyes.

I use Samantha as my "alter ego." She is the most important part of my plans. I got an edge on her, using the simple hypnotism we learn in the FBI training program—so I can use her to prompt Killer7 to open each door without fail.

It was around then that I noticed something important. Miss Jacob—she was a farce. Everything I had been doing had been designed and prepared for me by another man. Just like that guy over the phone had said: I was a pawn in a game, an actor on someone else's stage.


Harman Smith was an agent who took investigation and assassination missions from the U. S. Government, when he was young. He is part of the Smith Syndicate—and the leader of the Killer7, who are his seven personae via the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon.

You might want to know what sort of investigation he was doing. Well, it looks like his main gig was behind-the-scenes activity, relating to underground political movement.

Twenty-eight years ago, in Hakone, Japan, Harman Smith received a special kind of mission, to investigate the probability of some votes.

Harman received the mission from a man named Toru Fukushima. He is one of the members of the Union 7, who wrote the Yakumo Cabinet Policy. He is also an 'architect,' who worked as a line of communication between the U. N. Party and the U. S. Government, at the time of the Yakumo's creation. He later became the head figure of the U. N. Party. Harman and Fukushima met for the first time, when Fukushima gave him his mission. Fukushima summoned Harman, through his connections with the U. S. Government—the U. N. Party was then a puppet government, under the U. S. Government.

An international conference was to be held in Hakone, to decide upon solutions to energy security problems in Asian regions. The conference was called the Asian Security Protocol Meeting. Rumour has it that there were three plans prepared for the meeting:

1: The Pipe Plan, mainly for supporting nations grouped in South Asia.

2: The Massive Plan, for the consultative nations at the conference, such as the European Union and the U.S. Government.

3: The Civic Plan, for the EAST.

Among these three plans, one plan was selected via votes from the participating countries. However, no official announcement came forth declaring which plans was selected.

The day before the meeting, Harman Smith had investigated each country's inten- tions. He knew the way that everyone would vote. He used his own means to get this information.

Fukushima used Harman's report to prearrange the behind-the-scenes negotiations before the meeting. He manipulated the votes of the attending countries. In other words, as I had encouraged Ulmeyda to do . . . Fukushima drew a picture: a picture that influenced the power structure of the coming thirty years. However, even then, Fukushima was not the mastermind behind it all.

At any rate . . . back then is when everything was decided. The history of the world became maligned.


In the decision of the meeting, twenty-eight years ago, Japan's destruction was mentioned. So were the Heaven Smiles. And, of course, Killer7 . . . .

Why are the Killer7 able to kill the Heaven Smiles? Because it was decided, in the beginning, all that time ago. The balance of power in the concessions, twenty-eight years ago, determined it.

In Japan, an ambitious young man drew the picture. In the U. S., a morbid and nervous man cloaked in shadows did the same thing. Miss Jacob's results are merely tracing the outlines of the pictures drawn in those scenarios prepared twenty-eight years ago.

However, the picture of the EAST is said to have been stolen by God . . . by Kun Lan.

Now, the expiration date is closing in. The maligning of history is reaching its farthest limits, and it's going to explode.

What will happen next? Maybe no one can say. Predetermined balance and peace cannot exist.


The failure will involve the Killer7's personae.

Also, the failure will extend to the Heaven Smiles . . . but this is the chance for victory that Kun Lan has been working toward. If the world is controlled according to artificiality, then the balance of power established by logic won't fall apart. But if chaos breeds, then another providence could consume the current status quo.

In other words, the Killer7 needs the guidance of others. The guidance of LOTS of people. And I . . . I am one of them.

I am one of the pawns prepared by the government, to follow and to protect the king piece, the Killer7, and to be discarded for the sake of preserving the king. I was forced to play this game. I should clarify, though, that while I said "government," the "government" is being manipulated, too. Manipulated by one single man . . . .

In a sense, this man is a blood relative to the Killer7. A violent, blood- gorged, savage relationship arises between them. The Killer7 is the single unpredictable force, placed in this set of events controlled by logic and arti- ficial automatonism. The Killer7's winning chance, too, finds its power in the fact that it is totally unpredictable.


I finished all of the preparations, three days before the destruction of Japan.

I also prepared a tape, for Samantha. Killer7 is nothing but a robot, a machine, for killing until HE awakens from being the Killer7 and transforms himself. He merely follows orders, plays out the missions, given to him by Mills and the government. So, I got the idea of implanting data, deep within his unconscious mind.

Samantha did all the hard work. Specifically, she molested old Harman Smith, the figure who the Killer7 thinks are their leader. Doing this, she used her sexuality as a carrot on the end of a stick to have Harman memorize the con- tents of the tapes I give her into his subconscious mind. Garcian Smith, the stable physical form of the Killer7, does not know what Samantha is really doing to Harman; but, Garcian accepts the data from the tape into his subcon- scious mind, as it is implanted in old Harman. If he takes action that figures into the scenario given by Miss Jacob's predictions, the information on the memorized tape will be signalled to play in his mind.

One of the personae of the Killer7 will open an "envelope"--a package that doesn't physically exist, but which when opened will make Garcian hear my voice. Motivation, hatred, hesitation, decisions . . . . These are what I have already conveyed to him, through Samantha and the tapes and old Harman . . . but what I really wanted to tell him is this:

"Kill him. Kill the 'Heaven Smile'."


This is the last tape. I only want to tell the truth, here.

I'm tired of this maligned world. I'm off to kill Kun Lan myself.

The real Kun Lan . . . the one with a physical body, like a normal man, now lives in a special cell underground Atlanta, Georgia. He lives there, under the U. S. Government's care. I heard that he is little more than a shadow of his former self, a senile old man. The government must have a good reason for keeping him around.

I can't forgive him, though.

No . . . . this is the last time, so, with the voice of truth, with my own voice, I shall tell you, Emir Parkreiner. Can you recognize who I am? This voice, do you remember it? The real me was always beside you.


VI: "Where Do the Heaven Smiles Come From?" [APPEN-WHERE]

[The following is another article, written within the fictional universe of "Hand-in-Killer7."]

"Where Do the Heaven Smiles Come From?" by Jack Foley

[The following article first appeared in the monthly magazine, "Spreading the Truth," February 2003]

Since the beginning of 2003, the terrorist activities using a variety of Heaven Smiles has become a serious problem for society. Today, we know that Heaven Smiles are quite similar to human beings; we have learned as much from the examination of some of their corpses, though their true nature remains to be explained.

One day, a man who described himself as 'a scientist' contacted the editorial department of "Spreading the Truth." He agreed to provide us the following interview, relating to the production of Heaven Smiles, on the condition of his anonymity. (For the sake of this publication, we will refer to him simply as "Mr. A.") A few days after the phone call, Mr. A and I met in person and con- ducted the following interview:

Spreading the Truth [ST]: "Are you really involved with the production of Heaven Smiles?"

Mr. A [A]: "Not directly--indirectly, though, yes, I created them."

ST: "Indirectly?"

A: "Heaven Smiles are born when the light from a certain man's right hand shines on a human being. This is called 'the Hand of God'."

ST: "You mean to say that Heaven Smiles were originally human?"

A: "Yes, precisely. Most of them were converted by the Hand of God, but there are others whose bodies were bought through the underground organization of human trafficking."

ST: "This 'certain man' mass produces Heaven Smiles?"

A: "Two other scientists and I have studied the light emanating from his right hand. We invented a system to produce Heaven Smiles. This system is put into practice by mass-producing Heaven Smiles in a factory, which is located in a country in Asia."

ST: "Can you talk a little more about that?"

A: "In the beginning, only one type of Heaven Smile existed. But, as we altered the characteristics of the light from the Hand of God, we were able to create different types of Heaven Smiles. Additionally, we learned that it was possible to reshape them using machines. In this manner, we varied the possi- ble types of Heaven Smiles. When a man receives the light from the Hand of God, he experiences pure ecstasy. Heaven Smiles exist in a constant state of joy and pleasure. That's why they smile. However, simultaneously, their con- sciousness is under the simple order: 'One Heaven Smile must kill one human being.' They kill using the bomb-organ inside their bodies, made with techno- logy, as their modus operandi."

ST: "What do you mean 'One Heaven Smile must kill one human being'?"

A: "It means that one Heaven Smile can only kill one human being, because in the process the Heaven Smile's body is destroyed, too."

ST: "Who is the 'certain man' you have alluded to?"

A: "He is the leader of our times. We scientists sympathised with him and followed his ideas for creating Heaven Smiles. Now, though, we can no longer cooperate with him. He has betrayed us. I have decided to talk to the press about his and our activities. I hope I can slow--maybe even stop--his plans this way."

ST: "He betrayed you?"

A: "He promised us that he would perform a 'secret technique' on us to trans- form us into Heaven Smiles. That's why we cooperated. It was a lie, though. We were only transformed . . . into 'Potential Heaven Smiles'."

ST: "Potential Heaven Smiles?"

A: "There's no difference in our external appearance, but in our bodies the process of becoming a Heaven Smiles is in progress. We are no longer human. If the symptoms progress, we will be completely consumed by the process and become Heaven Smiles. In fact, my two former colleagues have already become Heaven Smiles. And . . . me too . . . hihihihihi! Oh, god, I can't stop . . . hihihihi . . . laughing . . . hihihihi! A new age! Hahaha! I wanted to see . . . hihihahahahi . . . his name . . . !"

At this point in the interview, I became distressed to my limits. I left. I ran away without looking back, listening to his unearthly laughter. Immediate- ly after that, I regretted having run. I should have stayed at least to learn the name of the mastermind. In retrospect, though, through the lens of ration- ality and reflection, I think that Mr. A was simply hoaxing me. He provided nothing in the way of proof. On the other hand . . . his face was tense, and his laughter was identical to that heard later on the television news. Since that time, I have been unable to contact Mr. A.

The truth is still hidden.

VII: The History of Ishizaka Corporation [APPEN-ISZK]

"The History of Ishizaka Corporation" --The Past and Future of ISZK Group—by Jack Foley

[The following article first appeared in the monthly magazine, "Spreading the Truth," May 2002]

The origins of the ISZK Group, AKA "Ishizaka Corporation," was a corporation named "Ishizaka Electronics," established September 1959 in Hoya-City, Tokyo. The founder is Taka Ishizaka, who saw the future trends of the communications industry. He abandoned his family business—a grocery store that specialized in dried foods—and staked all his fortune on his new electronics business. He was then fifty years old. The name "Taka Ishizaka" soon became known commonly all over the world.

The company's main work at the time was the manufacture of wireless radio de- vices. The products were designed according to the ideals of Taka Ishizaka: "The radio and dried foods are the same on one point: they are both dry." Ishizaka brand products became quite popular among radio aficianados, and they earned a high place in the industry.

Ishizaka Electronics did not relax after its first success, though. In the 1970's, the business continued to expand its market to household appliances, amusement devices, and industrial machines, after it converted to a joint-stock corporation. The company was prepared to dominate the industry. As well, the company's name changed from "Ishizaka Electronics" to "Ishizaka Corporation," and each manufacturing department became a subsidiary company under the umbrella corporation named "Ishizaka." This heralded the birth of the ISZK Group. The ISZK group rode on the crest of high economic growth, and it became an economics leader in both Japanese and global markets.

The 1980s marked another turning point for the ISZK Group. The ISZK Group had manufactured hardware alone until the 1980s, at which time it decided to manu- facture software. Its debut was an experimental local cable channel, "ZaKa Broadcasting" which first aired in Chicago in 1981. (Later, the name was changed to "ZaKa TV," in 1982.) At its inception, it was a simple local news station. Taka Ishizaka's ideals prevailed, still: "The vital points of both news and dried foods is their 'taste'." According to these ideals, the ISZK Group adopted an extremely strict attitude toward the broadcasting of news, which didn't discriminate between times and places for their news broadcasts. (This approach earned them several lawsuits.) The result was the broadcast of immediate, "tasty" scoops. Using this approach, ZaKa TV became one of the top television stations in the United States.

However, the history of the ISZK Group is not filled with success. Some failures exist, too. With meticulous care and preparation, the amusement park "ISZK Land" was opened in the United States in 2000. Although the park attracted a handful of devoted patrons, the number of paying visitors plateau- ed. Even now, the park is in financial straits. Many instances of kidnapping occurred in the park, which didn't help circumstances. Beyond these circum- stances, other failures exist, too.

In 2001, the ISZK Group bought a record label. The successful pop singer "Stacy Spangles" was signed to this record label. The ISZK Group bought the record label just to show its power as one of the world's most powerful corp- orations.

The group's founder, Taka Ishizaka, retired in 1988. With his retirement, he left everything to his son, Steve Ishizaka. Following this, Taka Ishizaka died in 1989, in Arashiyama, Kyoto, at the ge of ninety years old. Although he succeeded as an entrepreneur, all over the world, and his days of glory are well-known, his personal life was left mysterious. His final words upon his deathbed were: "Life and dry foods were always dry." These enigmatic words remind us that part of him will always be a mystery to the rest of the world.

Currently, as analog technology replaces digital technology, people have taken increased interest in the ISZK products of the 1970s. Given these market trends, ISZK Technologies now sells products from its past lines, such as tele- visions and tape recorders. This turn of events certainly marks a "return to beginnings." Hereon out, the ISZK Group aims toward new goals; now, they take another great leap forward.

VIII: "The Mystery Behind First Life, Inc." [APPEN-LIFE]

"The Mystery Behind First Life, Inc." by Jack Foley First published in the monthly publication, "Spreading the Truth," September 2003

The trading company "First Life" is notorious in the corporate world. No one in the United States can not know of it. The company's cradle is "InterCity," in Texas. In InterCity, a mail clerk named Andrei Ulmeyda one day started a company, and he grew it into one of the largest corporations in the nation—all within the time span of a few months. He changed InterCity into a community for First Life, Inc.

First Life's primary service is mail-order commerce. The company advertises itself using all media: television, radio, and newspaper. Now, many homes have merchandise from First Life, Inc., and the residents don't even remember how it got there: it has become second nature to buy from First Life. The company's business system uses a simple framework: "Keep ads within the covers of maga- zines all over the world, and keep selling the ads." This maneuver received support by many people in need of information, on account of the crippled global systems of communication; the advantages for First Life were plenty, be- cause the advertisements for First Life also met the world's thirst for infor- mation, in the wake of the Internet's official disbandment.

The company exploded, thanks to mergers with ISZK Group and other powerful corporations. One wonders, though, why these established corporations helped a fledgling nobody like First Life. The usual textbook answers—like "mutually beneficial mergers"--don't satisfy my curiosity. How did a mere postal worker turn himself into a corporate success? Why did he pursue mail-order commerce? What were the company's underlying principles? Too many mysteries exist for comfort.

However, I obtained an tip regarding the company's success: "A text exists, and it is the reason for First Life's success." Naturally, I must protect my sources, but I can assure my readers that the source is reliable. The text was composed in a certain Asian country, and it is said to be a veritable how-to booklet for revolution. It is regarded as having the power to control human nature. Yet, the details are still unknown. However, if the average person were to use only a fragment of that text, he could establish a megacorporation easily—maybe even two. Its contents are regarded as outrageous and these claims sound. Ulmeyda accidentally discovered this text, while working in the post office. My hunt for more information on the text's identity continues, and I shall submit a fuller report later.

I also heard a rumour about First Life that could weigh in as useful blackmail in the right hands. The work at the company's headquarters, behind the big glass doors, involves the execution of experiments and tests using the human body as the specimen. For example, they might decide to test the ability of one of their work suits to withstand deep-sea pressure. They will actually make someone wear one of the work suits, submerge him deep into the sea, and then hold him there until the point of critical pressure has been reached. (Sometimes, they even surpass the point of critical pressure.) My information continues, saying that these experiments caused a horde of deaths behind the company's walls. The corpses have been thus far concealed from public know- ledge.

Another tidbit: the work suit tested at deep-sea pressures was ordered by a large corporation that has a hefty contract in the current global construction: The International Mass-Scale Transit System. This might lead to a resolution of the mysteries behind the "mutually beneficial mergers."

My information concludes that, soon, a new experiment will be conducted on the human body, within InterCity. The client for the product used in this exper- iment is a famous automobile company—and First Life took the assignment. Of course, I plan to go undercover to get the full scoop. I will publish another report on this matter, in the magazine's next issue. Keep your eyes open.

[NOTE FROM THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT OF "SPREADING THE TRUTH: Jack Foley had an accident during his coverage of his latest assignment, and he died in August, 2003. This article is his last work. We remember him with respect, and we ex- press our sincerest condolences to his next of kin.]


I will format this section similar to a Frequently-Asked-Questions section.

A--Q: What is the significance of the name "Harman Deltahead"?

A: The name "Deltahead" is an awkward name, to say the least. I think that it is a reference to the "third eye" motif.

In the Greek alphabet, the Delta character is an equilateral triangle. The equilateral triangle has been used as a form of the "third eye" image in Mason- ic iconography. You can see this image on the eye atop the pyramid on the American dollar bill.

So, I think that "Deltahead" is a reference to Harman's powers of clairvoyance.

B--Q: The timeline says that Kun Lan is an incarnation of Mara Papimer. Who is Mara Papimer?

A: Mara Papimer is the king of demons, in Buddhist mythology. "Mara" is a gen- eral term for the demons of worldliness, in Buddhist mythology. "Mara Papimer" is the most malevolent form of Buddhist demons.

The Buddha and Mara Papimer are said to have fought each other when the Buddha showed signs of approaching true enlighenment. Mara Papimer operates by mani- pulating people's desires, twisting them through their capacity to want, and uses them to corrupt to efforts on behalf of spiritual people to experience enlightenment.

C--Q: Is Kevin gay?

A: Yes. Kevin is gay.

D--Q: What is the deal with the multiple Smith Syndicates?

A: As I think the reference to Mara Papimer suggests, the universe of Killer7 in both game and book is steeped heavily in the concept of reincarnation after death. The recurring Smith Syndicates are expressions of the reincarnations of the battle between Kun Lan and Harman Smith.

E--Who is JACO?

A: From the looks of it, JACO was an FBI agent who discovered his wife and dau- ghter turned into Heaven Smiles. He murdered them in the vault of a bank that they had assisted in destroying. Because of his trauma, he sought to help any- one who could destroy the leader of the Heaven Smiles—which means Kun Lan.

JACO used Samantha (Harman Smith's caretaker) to manipulate Garcian and the Killer7, by having Samantha manipulate Harman Smith into giving certain orders and guidance to the Killer7. Samantha used her sexual relationship with Harman as leverage for her manipulation.

An interesting correlation exists in the game. When Garcian and the Killer7 return to Harman's Room, they do not find Harman Smith in his wheelchair. Rather, they find Iwazaru in Harman's place. Perhaps Iwazaru, taken in light of the book, represents JACO's intervention on Harman Smith's and the Killer's activities.

F--Q: Isn't the American history a little off in the timeline?

A: You bet it is.

G--Q: Who is Dmitri?

A: We all might like to know the answer to this.

H--Q: What is "Spreading the Truth"?

A: To all appearances, "Spreading the Truth" looks like an independent magazine bent upon exposing corruption and weakening the power that the lack of informa- tion has over the world's population.


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