Hammertop Demons are enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They are the largest of all the demons encountered in the underworld.

Hammertops are giant, bulky monstrosities, marked out not only by their size but also by the strange growths on their back as well as their elaborate headgear. They are fuelled by a single Red Core which sits in the middle of their foreheads. As with all other demons, shooting this core enough will cause it to shatter, killing it instantly. Another way to kill a Hammertop is to somehow make it come into contact with the Darkness, which will overload it and cause it to fall down dead. However, if a Hammertop is killed in this way several Dark Demons will crawl out of its corpse and proceed to attack Garcia Hotspur.

Even larger Hammertop Demons are encountered in great numbers in Act 4-1 outside the Angel Kiss club. These Hammertops can be killed easily by shooting them in the forehead with the Big Boner before they reach Garcia.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to designer Rafal Gosieniecki, the initial design for the Hammertop Demons (also referred to during development as the "Giant Neighbors") was based on Francisco Goya's famous Saturn Devouring His Son.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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