Gulkak-Zu-Barza-Lech-Tora-Ray is a location in Shadows of the DAMNED. It is the home of the demon lord Fleming Whatshisfaces, and the setting for the last five chapters of the game.

Gulkak-Zu-Barza-Lech-Tora-Ray is a large, imposing castle situated somewhere on the outskirts of the City of the Damned, and can be seen far off in the distance in many chapters. It is popularly known as the 'Castle of Hassle', not because of the difficulty encountered in reaching it, but because its name is such a pain to pronounce.

Garcia and Johnson first visit the fortress in Act 5-1, where they try and bypass Whatshisfaces' defences by sneaking in through the castle's underground catacombs. After escaping the tunnels they must pass through the MOOR PU DEKCUF, a vast cavern full of unstable stairs and platforms.

At the very centre of the castle is a tower leading up to Whatshisfaces' chambers. The staircase winding around the tower is regularly covered in an unidentifiable orange substance, while the rooms often contain strange things such as a fleshy mouth-like orifice which vomits enemies, a game of pachinko involving judicious use of the Skullblaster 9000and a chamber full of giant humanoid corpses hooked up to primitive generators and other machines. At the top is a small but stylish waiting room which connects to the castle's rooftop via an elevator.

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