Greg Nightmare is a character in killer7. The US Secretary of Education, Nightmare is an obese, besuited man with tanned skin and short grey hair, and, according to both Kenjiro Matsuoka and the tapes left by Holbert, the true power behind the US Government. He was hanged in the Coburn Elementary School gymnasium, possibly by Benjamin Keane.

After Garcian confronts Matsuoka in the gym, Greg comes back to life (possibly as a Heaven Smile) and attempts to take out the killer7 with the Golden Gun; the Smiths must shoot him from side to side until his trousers fly off, at which point they must shoot his crotch until it explodes. Doing so, however, spawns 7 invincible Black Heaven Smiles. He is effectively the final boss of the game, unless the player counts the Last Shot Smile. It is unknown whether he has any connection to Dimitri Nightmare.

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  1. The theme which plays during the first half of the fight with Nightmare plays between 0:53-2:17 on Election Plot. The boss theme can be found separate from the main Election Plot variations in the game's audio files labelled 009_Boss CHO_hps.
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