Grasshopper Universe, Inc.
Ghm universe
Founded November 15, 2011
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Officers Representative Director - SUDA51
Director - Henry de La Trobe
Director - Akira Yamaoka
Director - Daisuke Shibata
Director - Yoshiyuki Towata
Website (expired)

Grasshopper Universe, Inc. was a Japanese video game developer based in Tokyo. The company was formed by Grasshopper Manufacture and mobile platform provider DeNA on November 15, 2011. This iteration of Grasshopper released Dark Menace for Android and iOS platforms in 2012. It also managed FROG MINUTES, which was released prior to the partnership. Dark Menace was later removed from the App Store and Google Play. Grasshopper Universe's website is now offline as well, suggesting the collaborative studio is now defunct.

No More Heroes: World Ranker was another game produced by Grasshopper Manufacture's partnership with DeNA, however it was never connected to Grasshopper Universe during the studio's life.

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