Dr. Graham MacAlister is a character featured in hand in killer7. Although he does not appear in killer7 itself, his research into 'Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon' provide additional background on the Smith Syndicate.

Dr. MacAlister was a neurologist who had a fateful encounter with Harman Smith in Seattle in 1975. He was visiting the city in order to meet an old colleague of his, a clinical psychologist named Dr. Gibbon who worked in the area, when his poor sense of direction caused him to become lost. After winding up in a seedy alley he was confronted by Harman and Christopher Mills; forcing their way into the car the pair informed him that Harman's car had been stolen (MacAlister reveals that he later learned the car was actually Mills'), and requested MacAlister to give them a place to stay for the night. The doctor acquiesced and let them stay in his room at the Union Hotel.

Upon arriving at the room Harman and Mills revealed the true reason for their need for somewhere to stay - they were carrying a man's corpse in their luggage and needed to hide from their pursuers. Despite being initially terrified and disgusted by this turn of events, MacAlister's fear was replaced by a sense of amazement at what happened next: Harman proceeded to absorb the body into his own, literally becoming the dead man - a man named Dan Smith.

After witnessing Harman's ability to transform into different people and back again, MacAlister requested he be hired as his personal doctor, in spite of Harman's profession and his shady dealings with criminal organizations. Harman agreed, and MacAlister was employed as his physician for an unknown number of years until he broke the terms of his employment by secretly documenting Harman's supernatural abilities.

MacAlister's body was eventually found hanged in 1998, 23 years after he vanished from the medical community; following his attempts to convince his colleagues of 'Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon' he was dismissed as a crank and was never seen again until his body was discovered. A lengthy account of his relationship with Harman was found on his body, and was printed in Spreading the Truth by Jack Foley.


  • Graham's last name is almost identical to that of Edo Macalister; any further connection is unknown.
  • It is theorized that Graham may be the identity of the Mad Doctor, continuing to work as Harman's doctor after death.
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