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The Golden Gun is a weapon in killer7. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, capable of killing almost any Heaven Smile with a single shot; notably, it can kill them without requiring them to be scanned first.

The gun is wielded by Greg Nightmare during the first half of the final battle at the end of Smile, although here it does minimal damage to the player. When Nightmare's torso is blown apart, the gun drops from his hand onto the floor but cannot be picked up by any of the Smiths except Garcian, who then uses it to destroy the final Black Heaven Smile and finish off Nightmare for good.

It is revealed soon after that the Golden Gun was the weapon used by Emir Parkreiner during his massacre of the Smiths at the Union Hotel. On the roof of the hotel Garcian witnesses an apparition of his previous self committing suicide with the gun.

The revived Emir uses the weapon when he travels to Battleship Island three years later to eradicate the remaining Heaven Smiles, which are instantly vapourised by a single shot from the gun. Depending on the choices the player makes, he also uses it to execute Kenjiro Matsuoka. The Golden Gun is finally used in the encounter with the Last Smile, which, uniquely, requires several bullets to kill it instead of just one.


The Golden Gun resembles a long-barrelled, gold-plated revolver with a 6-bullet capacity. The reloading animation is identical to Garcian's SIG "ELECTROLITE", despite the SIG being a semi-automatic pistol.


  • The weapon, and its ability to kill almost anything in one shot, is almost certainly a reference to the eponymous handgun featured in the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun. Its titular villain, Francisco Scaramanga, is depicted in the film as having a genetic anomaly in the form of three nipples, which almost certainly influenced Emir's Third Eye.
  • In the chess scene near the beginning of Target05: Smile, Garcian is holding the Golden Gun despite seemingly not acquiring it until later. However, it is only briefly visible and very hard to make out with the original GameCube resolution.
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