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The God Hand is a unique ability used by Kun Lan in killer7. "Embodying the power of the gods,"[1] Kun Lan's mere touch from his right hand is capable of morphing his victims into Heaven Smile terrorists. Other times, it is shown to instill a personality change, as with Kenjiro Matsuoka. It is the opposite of the power of the God Killer, Harman Smith.

According to Mr. A, the power comes from a light that shines from the hand, which can be seen at times in the game. Using unexplained sciences, Mr. A and his two colleagues altered the characteristics of the light and found that it could change the resulting kind of Smile when shone on a human.


  • The phrase "touched by the hand of god", which describes how Kun Lan turns people into Smiles, is the name of a song by the band New Order.


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