Giltine Grim (コウサツコ, Kousatsuko) is a character in Shadows of the DAMNED. She is one of Fleming Whatshisfaces' special guests, and the oldest of the three Sisters Grim. Giltine is the boss of Act 4-3, where she is fought in a demonic library.

Giltine is voiced by Julie Nathanson.

Background[edit | edit source]

Like her sisters, Giltine was a beautiful young woman in life. When Maras and Kaulinebothone day fell into a well, Giltine attempted to rescue them but ended up trapped at the bottom of the well with her sisters. After they presumably starved to death and entered the underworld, Whatshisfaces took pity on the trio and made them his adopted daughters. All three were granted the ability to destroy Demons permanently, even high-ranking V.I.Ps, and as such are feared by the City of the Damned's residents.

Unfortunately, their demonic gifts could not prevent the decay of their bodies and the trio eventually degenerated into emaciated, skeletal hags. Giltine in particular appears particularly decrepid, and in fact her 'face' is actually stretched across a metal frame just in front of her rotting head.

Ghost Hunter[edit | edit source]

Giltine first appears at the end of Act 3-4, where she decapitates Elliot Thomas following his defeat by Garcia. She then ambushes Garcia and Johnson in the main hall of the City of the Damned's central library. She wields two crescent-shaped scythes which can deal serious amounts of damage to Garcia, as well as creating dark scythes and beams of energy that home in on him.

The only way to harm her is to enter the Darkness and shoot the Demon Core on her body repeatedly, which will allow Garcia to shoot her in the face until she dies. Upon her death she drops the penultimate Blue Gem, and Garcia and Johnson are free to explore the rest of the library.

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