A 2000 Toyota Celica, which Giggs is based on.

Giggs (ギグ, Gigu) is a vehicle in the video game Flower, Sun, and Rain. It is a Toyota Celica owned by searcher Sumio Mondo, who considers himself one of a special few for naming his car. Mondo drives Giggs to Lospass Island where his services have been hired. Arriving at the Cunningham Bluesky Parking Lot, he meets broker Peter Bocchwinkur, who explains that Giggs must be kept in the lot due to the island's strict eco-friendly policies. Bocchwinkur drives Mondo to the Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel in a specially fitted truck, after which Giggs is not seen until the game's final chapter when, for Mondo's journey to Lospass Airport, Edo Macalister arranges for the car to be brought to him in spite of the island's environmental laws. Mondo reunites with his beloved car, only to have it stolen by Stephan Charbonie upon arrival at the airport. As Mondo departs the island by plane, he is never able to recover his car.

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