"This city remains a vital instrument in determining our country's safety standards. So I ask you... forget what you witnessed here today."
—General Lynch

General Lynch is a character in killer7. As his name suggests, he is a high-ranking officer in the US Army (the kanji in his Japanese name literally translates to 'Commodore' or 'Brigadier General'), and is also a member of the U. S. Emergency Counter-measure Defense Department.

Lynch is responsible for overseeing the capture of Andrei Ulmeyda. After the Smiths talk with Ulmeyda and Gabriel Clemence, Ulmeyda is suddenly detained by a group of US soldiers wearing biohazard suits who inject a serum containing infectious Heaven Smile into, which also appears to have the effect of sedating him. Lynch thanks the Smiths for 'assisting' in Ulmeyda's capture, and reveals that Ulmeyda InterCity is in fact run by the US military in order to evaluate the USA's 'safety standards' (in other words, the city is presumably used for running simulations of hazardous events considered sufficiently threatening to the safety of the country).

After gruffly ordering the Smiths to forget everything they have witnessed, he is informed by a nearby soldier that a countdown is beginning; at the end of the countdown Ulmeyda and the biohazard soldiers are caught in a massive explosion. Ulmeyda is shown attempting to resist the effects of the disease, but eventually can't hold back, and asks the Smiths to finish the job before his head launches explosively from his shoulders in a fountain of gore. Ulmeyda's poisonous blood rains down from the sky, its viral toxicity causing Lynch and his soldiersto writhe in pain and fall to the ground dead. The Smiths are unaffected, and proceed to take out the Heaven Smile of Andrei Ulmeyda as requested. The remains of Lynch and his soldiers are completely absent for the duration of the combat and its aftermath when Gabriel Clemence returns.

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