The Gate Keeper is a character in killer7. He is the guard of the otherworldly location known as the Vinculum Gate.

The Gate Keeper is a highly mysterious individual; almost nothing is revealed about his personality or background, or to whom (if anyone) he owes allegiance. He is only ever seen standing impassively behind his desk in the foyer to the Vinculum Gate, and when the Smiths talk to him he merely asks where they are going. He then demands a certain number of Soul Shells as an entrance fee - otherwise, he will not let them pass. Only those who appear serious about facing the creatures within the Gate are allowed through.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Although his appearance is hard to make out behind the bars in his desk window (which is reminiscent of a casino cashier's desk), he is clearly shown in hand in killer7 to wear an old-fashioned, dark-brown yukata with an obi wrapped around his waist. He is barefoot and has striking spiky hair.

Although nothing is ever explicitly stated about his relationship with the Smith Syndicate, Iwazaru describes the Gate Keeper as an 'infamous criminal' who is in league with Kun Lan[1]. Kun Lan's connections with Japan, the eventual revelation that the Colosseum section of the Vinculum Gate is located on Japan's Battleship Island, and the Gate Keeper's traditional Japanese dress all seem to reinforce this theory. hand in killer7 merely describes him as a 'fearsome man'.


  1. "An infamous criminal lies this way! And he's protecting HIM! Wicked bed partners, indeed, indeed! Ah, yes...Seek out the Soul Shells! With Soul Shells, he's sure to allow you through the gates!" - Iwazaru (Boiler Room, Celtic Apartment)
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