The Galactic Tomahawk Smile (ギャラクティカトマホークスマイル, Gyarakutikatomahōkusumairu) is an enemy featured in killer7. It is a special variety of Heaven Smile which only appears once, at the Vinculum Gate in Coburn Elementary School during the events of Target05: Smile.

The Galactic Tomahawk is quite different from regular Smiles, both in terms of its appearance and behaviour. It seems to be composed of numerous Smiles which have been crudely fused together into a pyramid-like mound of flesh, with one Smile rising out of the top. Like Laser Smiles, they cannot move, but instead fire missiles at the player. These missiles will not kill the Smiths instantly, but their speed and number mean they can quickly incapacitate a persona if not shot down. Despite its appearance and impressive-sounding name, the GTS can be easily dealt with by simply using Dan's Collateral Shot on it.

Kess BloodySunday DescriptionEdit

  • Don't bother me. Go away! The last monster has come! There are holes everywhere. Like something might come out. What is that?! I mean really? If you get hit by it, it's all over. I got it! It's the face! It came out from his face! Shoot them all down quick!
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