"This blood... it tastes like Mr. Ulmeyda's..."
—Gabriel Clemence

Gabriel Clemence is a character in killer7. He is a citizen of Ulmeyda InterCity and a dedicated follower of Andrei Ulmeyda, who he views as his 'messiah'. He is also presumably an employee of First Life, Inc.

Clemence is introduced shortly after the Smiths meet Ulmeyda, at the back of a long line of citizens shuffling dejectedly into the desert. Ulmeyda informs Clemence that he is 'today's lucky guy', although he also cautions him to calm down when Clemence gets a bit too overexcited at his good fortune, warning him that he might 'frighten Lady Luck away' with his exuberance. Clemence is then shown his 'reward' - a turbo-powered car with what appear to be miniature rocket engines on the back; Ulmeyda encourages him to get in and take it for a spin, and Clemence zooms off into the distance.

Ulmeyda then explains that Clemence's task is to cross the 'finish line' in the car and survive the incredible G-force he is being subjected to by the insane speeds the car is driving at - if he achieves this, 'he wins'. Following Ulmeyda's death Clemence is shown slowing down and getting out of the car a safe distance away from the destruction caused by Andrei's transformation into a Heaven Smile. The car itself is stained red with Ulmeyda's blood from the toxic rainshower caused by his death; upon getting out Clemence stands in the rain, seemingly unaffected by it (as opposed to General Lynch and the other US Army troops). Tasting a little he realises that the blood is indeed Ulmeyda's, and berates himself for not having achieved his leader's 'level' sooner.

Ulmeyda then seemingly appears as a Remnant Psyche to Clemence, urging him to take over running First Life and InterCity, and to 'take the big risks' - this last remark suggesting that Ulmeyda realises what is truly needed to become a great leader is the ability to confront risky situations without hesitation. Clemence promises Ulmeyda that he will indeed protect the city and preserve its way of life.

When the Smiths encounter the Remnant Psyche of Ulmeyda at the Blackburn Residence later that year, he informs them that Clemence possesses his DNA, and that he will be guided by the Yakumo. Despite Ulmeyda predicting that he will 'become a big man', it is unknown what happens to Clemence, although by the events of Smile his car has passed into the hands of Christopher Mills.

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