Original ghmrecords logo, circa 2007

GHMR was a model imprint used for Grasshopper Manufacture's products sold through their online store. It originally abbreviated "Grasshopper Manufacture Records" when the store went online on April 3, 2001, however their products since spilled into other areas including clothing, books, stickers and iPhone cases, among other things. It no longer exists as their online store has since shut down.

GHMR-catalogued items[edit | edit source]

Other catalogue numbers[edit | edit source]

GHMR-002 and GHMR-004 are likely not to exist. Considering Shine ~For High Time~ is labelled GHMR-003, it is possible that its earlier counterpart Water ~For Relaxing Time~ was once planned to be marked GHMR-002, although this is only speculated. The true reason for the absences of these two numbers is unknown. On the other hand, there have been items sold through Grasshopper's online store which sold out and were cleared from the database before their GHMR imprint could be recorded, such as the colors "Travis Touchdown Mug Shot Tee" was originally manufactured in, and the "Hell Ride" T-shirt, as well as each of its colored variants. Flower, Sun, and Rain: Murder and Mystery in Paradise T-shirts are also known to have once been produced, as well.

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