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GARAI 74/22876 is a character in the upcoming video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personality

GARAI 74/22876 is a hulking robot with a posture and face modelled similarly to those of a gorilla. A parrot rests upon its right shoulder. GARAI 74/22876 sports several red markings over its shoulders, wrists and legs, and a number of wires hang rampant from its metal exoskeleton. GARAI 74/22876 is an AiBot manufactured on the moon Mawu,[1] intended to serve the Imperial Guard's Elite Squadron.[1] Before serving this purpose however, GARAI 74/22876 is stolen and reprogrammed to serve Ronotra Koss.[1] GARAI 74/22876 has an "octane rating" of 90.[1] Behind GARAI 74/22876's shoulders are a series of bolt-like protrusions; this trait is shared with a demon in Shadows of the DAMNED, a game Grasshopper Manufacture developed just prior to Sine Mora.


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