Frank is a character who appears in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. He is credited with the creation of the Death Balls' hardware.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Frank is depicted as a stern-looking, middle-aged man with long hair and a handlebar mustache.

His life revolves around his profession to the point where he lives in his workshop and has taken to isolating himself from the world. Regardless, he takes great pride in his work, proclaiming that he only "make[s] balls for real bowlers".

He seems to be sentimental as well, as he offers his services to Travis free-of-charge possibly out of his fondness for Juvenile.


Frank is first encountered in the "Quark-Gluon Plasma" scenario of the Travis Strikes Back visual novel. Travis and Uehara meet him in the basement of a bowling alley in Portland, Maine. Upon seeing them, Frank assumes that Travis wants his ball cleaned and states that he only does work for serious bowlers.

However, he makes an exception when he sees that Travis has a Death Ball, and it causes him to reminisce about Juvenile fondly. He offers to fix the Death Ball for free and even picks up the tab for any drinks the two order from the bowling alley.

He later rouses Travis and Uehara from a nap to show them the repaired Death Ball. Impressed by his skills, Travis expresses that Frank has "created something very special", to which Frank responds that his talent is the very reason he is living in a bowling alley basement.

Before they part, he cryptically asks Travis to tell Juvenile if he meets her again that "her daddy is doing OK". This later becomes a joke when Jeane ponders whether or not Frank means he is Juvenile's actual father.

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