First Life, Inc. is a company and location in killer7. Encountered in Target02: Cloudman, the company's CEO is Andrei Ulmeyda; it is also located in the utopian city established by Ulmeyda, InterCity. First Life, Inc., while presented as a lucrative business that is dedicated to improving the lives of the people of InterCity, is in actuality a front. The area upon which the building should be located is only a vast expanse of Texan desert hidden by a wall made to look like a large company building--behind the wall is Ulmeyda's trailer home, where he is fought at the end of Cloudman. Despite this deception, Ulmeyda distributed his own blood to his city's population through First Life in order to immunize them against Heaven Smile.

In order to get into the "building," both the Ulmeyda Collection must be gathered and a quiz must be taken.

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