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Eugene Guerrero is a character in the video game Diabolical Pitch.

Appearance and personality[edit | edit source]

Eugene Guerrero pitches for the Lospass Blue Legions and wears the uniform number 69. He joins retired Santa Destroy Red Tigers pitcher Nigel McAllister in the nightmare of Queen Christine's Dream Land.[1] His appearance alongside McAllister is given no context and it is likely that he is a product of McAllister's subconscious, a memory of another player from his amateur days.

In truth, Guerrero was a respected rival of McAllister during their high school national championships. He played for FSR High School in a game where they held a score of zero against McAllister's team – presumably Santa Destroy High School – until the twenty-seventh inning, when a tie-breaker was rescheduled for the next day. Guerrero and McAllister did not pitch in this deciding match, disappointing McAllister even into his professional career. However McAllister continued to hold an interest in Guerrero's sports career, lamenting that they could not face each other in the World Series. He suggests the reason for this is because he and Guerrero play for teams in different leagues.

Guerrero's baseball team poses more questions than answers as Lospass vanished following Sumio Mondo's departure from the island. FSR High School also does not appear on island maps and is not referenced in the Lospass guidebook. Furthermore, its existence was completely covered up by the ELBOW organization. This suggests Eugene does not tangibly exist as the probability of the concealed island hosting amateur and professional baseball teams is unlikely. It is possible that McAllister has subconscious knowledge of Lospass Island because he is another incarnation of Edo Macalister, a prominent resident of Lospass during its tenure, though this is speculative. Reincarnation revolving around Lospass is not unusual given the case of Sumio Kodai and Sumio Mondo.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Eugene is the Kinect avatar for player two in Diabolical Pitch and only appears alongside McAllister in the game's multiplayer mode. Multiplayer cinematics are identical to the single-player ones, giving Guerrero no narrative context for fighting alongside McAllister.
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