The Man who Chose the Moon (月を選んだ男, Tsuki o eranda otoko, lit. "The man who chose the Moon") is the first episode of Killer Is Dead. It opens the game through a stylistic but ambiguous sequence with minimal gameplay.


"Young Girls Serial Kidnapping!?" "Is the Culprit Left-Handed?" etc.
The camera pulls away, and the audience sees
that the newspaper is actually on the ground.

The moon's reflection in the water puddles is
strangely ominous. Back alley: steam rises from
several manholes. Man's footsteps (player).
A man's shadow is projected on the wall.

From the other side of the alley,
a different man appears (Tokio).
Tokio is breathing heavily.
He slowly raises a gun (his right hand has fused /
morphed into a pistol) at the man and begins firing.

Nevertheless, the man parries all incoming shots
with his katana.

The man's eyes glow in the dark.


A newspaper lies on the ground. The page has a photograph of a young woman, accompanied by the headline: "Girl Kidnapped". The shadow of a man falls across the paper, and is projected onto the alley wall nearby. The man wields a sword.

At the other end of the alley stands a nervous, middle-aged looking man named Tokio, whose right arm has been fused into a bizarre kind of cannon below the elbow. Wires and tubes the colour of blood snake up the cannon and into his flesh. Suddenly, Tokio activates his cannon and fires at the swordsman, who easily deflects all the bullets. As he lowers his blade, he reveals his bright yellow eyes. Tokio realises the identity of his pursuer: he is an Executioner.

Tokio turns and flees through the alleyway. He fires at the Executioner, but the Executioner effortlessly parries Tokio's shots and slowly follows him to the end of the alley. Upon emerging from the alley into a wide-open area, the Executioner looks around for Tokio before realising he is right behind him. Tokio shoots the Executioner point-blank in the head, and he falls to the ground.

Rain begins to fall, and clouds obscure the full moon. Tokio begins to walk away from the Executioner's motionless body, but while his back is turned the Executioner rises to his feet. Sensing a presence behind him, Tokio spins round but too late: the Executioner cuts off Tokio's gun-arm in a single stroke. Tokio falls to the ground, bleeding profusely from the stump of his arm, and shuffles back against a nearby wall. The Executioner slowly raises his blade.


Tokio's head is sliced clean off, leaving a huge, bloody smear on the wall. The Executioner looks on as purple particles begin to emanate from Tokio's corpse, spiralling upwards into the sky and towards the moon. The moon glows a malignant purple.

Bonus DetailsEdit

Rescue Payment

  • Avoid all of Tokio's bullets.
  • Minimum: Block less than 5 bullets from Tokio.

Toughness Payment

  • Clear the stage without dying.


Trophy2-KID Kidnapper Executed
Completed Episode 1.
Names in other languages
Language Name Translation
Flag - EN English The Man who Chose the Moon
Flag - JP Japanese 月を選んだ男 Tsuki o eranda otoko The man who chose the Moon
Flag - FR French L'homme qui avait choisi la Lune The man who chose the Moon
Flag - DE German Der Mann, der den Mond wählte The man who chose the Moon
Flag - IT Italian L'uomo che scelse la Luna The man who chose the Moon
Flag - ES Spanish El hombre que eligió la Luna The man who chose the Moon
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