Elliot Thomas is one of the bosses of Shadows of the DAMNED. The only words he is able to speak are, "Fuck you!", which he rasps in a manner akin to a crow's caw. A book called The Legend of Stinky Crow can be found, which chronicles his life and death.

Elliot Thomas was originally a child who lived in Sinchester. He is described as a spacey child with uninteresting parents and the strange desire to fly. This earned him ridicule from his classmates, who teased him for his fascination with flight and his horrible body odor. While living, he had encountered fellow City denizen George Reed, whom he offered his candy bar to. His only line of dialogue was actually a reponse to a teasing classmate, who mocked him the day before he died. On that day, he had climbed on top of the school dressed in the wing suit he had made. He jumped off of the building thinking he could fly, but obviously, the attempt killed him. As Elliot's teacher examined his corpse on the sidewalk, he noticed that one of Elliot's hands was showing the peace sign, while the other was giving him the finger.

He is responsible for killing the Colonel and his wife. He is killed by Garcia Hotspur.


  • Elliot's storybook appears to be based on the Greek myth of Icarus. Icarus was the son of inventor Daedalus. Seeking to fly in order to escape the labyrinth prison created by King Minos, created artificial wings which he believed would help him achieve his goal. However, he flew too close to the sun and his wings were destroyed, plummeting to his death.
  • Elliot's second form bears a strong resemblance to Griffin from Devil May Cry. Both are large, towering anthromorphic birds who frequently assaulted the protagonists and both were capable of speaking.
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