elliot thomas is one of the vip bosses of the game. he can aperently speak but only the last words before his death "fuuuck yoouu" which he speaks in a rahspy crow like caw. a book called the leagend of stinky crow can be foun that cronnicals his life and death.

Elliot thomas wanted the ability to fly and had crafted a wing suit of feathers. his peers at school had not been suportive and ridiculed him for his efforts. one day he came to school in his wing suit and climbed to the top of the school house and lept off the eadge where he soon fell to his death spating on the floor a note can be made that the last words he ever sead was fuck you to a gawcking girl who was taunting him.his bodys remains had two hands one giving a peace sighn and the other " fliping the bird".

his boss fight consist of him killing cornal and eating his own heart going full demon form. which in his case is a giant crow his attacks are swooping down and hiting you, knocking you off your brige platform with a bolder launching a rappid QTE, shooting feathers wich create darkness but can be destroyed whith light blasts,he can also shoot his worm like toung out at you. his weak points are his chest blood suply:his wing bands and his genitals. johnson remarks that this demon is a lunitic. his flying ability makes it hard to hit him with semi auto guns so your teethgrinder is the best wepon. to destroy the feathers covering his genitels use the shotgun.

amo can be found esaly and the only time the boss fight gets hard is when he hides the spotlight that illuminates him with crows makeing it harder to trace him

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