Electrodiode Demons are enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They are among the strongest and most imposing of Fleming Whatshisfaces' demons, appearing only near the end of the game as powerful guards of Gulkak-Zu-Barza-Lech-Tora-Ray.

They are characterised by the red electrical diodes grafted onto their backs, hence their name. These diodes generate electric currents which power the demons, allowing them to attack Garcia Hotspur with devastating power and speed. An Electrodiode Demon will immediately make a beeline straight for Garcia and attempt to grab him in its arms; if it is successful, the player must input the correct buttons in an ensuing quick-time event sequence or else Garcia will be fried alive, killing him instantly.

Electrodiode Demons can only be killed by destroying the generators on their backs. The easiest way to do this is to use the Dentist's auto-targeting feature to lock on and hit them, although this may take quite a lot of ammunition. Another tactic is to launch a Hot Boner shot on the demon and then detonate it, which will deal damage to all the diodes at once. Once all three pairs of diodes have been shattered the generators will overload and electrocute the demon, creating a localised sphere of energy which will then explode. It is important that the player gets to a safe distance before this happens, as the explosion can deal heavy damage to Garcia.

Despite their intimidating appearance, Electrodiode Demons are not a huge threat as long as the player pays attention to the quick-time event sequence, as successfully escaping the demons' grabs will deal no damage to Garcia.

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