Electric Thunder Tiger II is a fictional unreleased Death Drive Mk II third-person shooter game. In Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, the only copy that exists is a prototype Death Ball with the product ID DDII-H001/ELECTRIC THUNDER TIGER. The game was planned to be a sequel to the arcade game Electric Thunder Tiger, released three years earlier, before the Death Drive Mk II project came to a halt. Originally in the possession of Dan Smith, it is given to Badman who learns that collecting all Death Balls will allow him to wish his daughter Charlotte back to life.


In the year 2223, rogue machines return to the surface after their previous plans were foiled by protagonist Electro Triple Star in Electric Thunder Tiger. The city's power is shut down and temperatures drop 20 degrees below zero, threatening life in Electric Speed City. Triple Star returns to fight against the machines and restore balance to the city.


After Travis Touchdown's experience inside the world of Electric Thunder Tiger II, he speculates that Devolver Digital could develop Electric Thunder Tiger III and include himself as a character.

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