EROTICA Portrait is an art collection which was bundled with preorders of the multiplatform edition of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise in Japan. It consists of 12 erotic lithographs depicting the No More Heroes characters Bad Girl, Dr. Naomi, Holly Summers, Jeane, Shinobu Jacobs and Sylvia Christel. These images are divided into two sets – Sexy Cherry and Sweet Mango – which were exclusive to preorders on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively. Most notably, No More Heroes character designer Yūsuke Kozaki joined the roster of EROTICA Portrait artists.

Series connectionsEdit

Travis Touchdown can be seen outside the diner window in Bad Girl's Sexy Cherry card. In the same card, she is also carrying beer mugs and one of her cloned gimp's severed heads on a waiting platter. Parts of hardware for the Blood Berry, Tsubaki, Tsubaki Mk-II and Tsubaki Mk-III beam katanas are scattered among other tools in Dr. Naomi's Sexy Cherry card. The borderless version of this image also shows a cropped-out component with the initials "T.T." which nod to Touchdown. In Holly Summers' Sexy Cherry card, she is featured bathing while circled by military grunts tasked with holding her shovel, grenades and clothing. Her prosthetic leg is also propped upward by a golden stand. Jeane is not tattooed while stripteasing in her Sexy Cherry card, possibly referencing her prostitution only described in No More Heroes. The caution tape may also be a visual reference to her murder of Touchdown's parents. Sylvia Christel's Sexy Cherry and Sweet Mango cards depict her in a bathroom, a recurring location for saving game data in the series. The tank top worn by Bad Girl in her Sweet Mango card sports the original logo for Heroes, the game's working title, and No More Heroes graffiti is visible in Shinobu Jacobs' Sexy Cherry card.


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