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Durak is a character in the video game Sine Mora.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Durak is an anthropormorphic cat, bearing ears, a tail, and black and white markings typical of a big cat (i.e. a leopard or a cheetah). Most of her body, save for her tail, is covered: she wears a dark skin-tight flight suit/uniform and harness, gloves, and boots, also carrying a bag and a gun. Customary of Seol nobles, Durak has no surname.[1] Durak's blood type is AB.[1]

Durak, as an Enkie noblewoman, maintains a lofty attitude. Her elegance and exceptional manners contrast her disposition toward the lower-class, whom she believes should rightfully be ruled by aristocrats. As such, she can be condescending to her partners in the resistance, neither of whom are nobility. However, like the other members of the Enkie resistance, she holds a great deal of despair at the fate of her nation, particularly as the last member of its aristocracy. She is particularly mournful over her inability to have a child and continue the line of Enkies (hinting that she may be sterile). In spite of her occasional haughtiness, she is incredibly dedicated to her role in the resistance and works alongside Akyta Dryad and Lynthe Ytoo as a loyal comrade.


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