Duplicator Smiles (デュプリケータースマイル, Deyupurikētāsumairu) are a type of enemy in killer7 and a type of Heaven Smile. They take the form of hive-like structures mounted on a roof or wall. Although they are immobile and can barely be considered living, Duplicators are somewhat dangerous in that they spawn other Heaven Smiles at regular intervals, although these are always of the weakest variety. They also possess a seemingly indestructible carapace and are vulnerable only in their core. Yellow cores can be destroyed easily, but red cores can only be destroyed by Dan Smith's Demon Shells or MASK de Smith's final charge shot.

Extremely large Duplicators are encountered in the latter half of the game, first in the Dominican Republic Church in Target04: Alter Ego and later in the Union Hotel and Coburn Elementary School in Target05: Smile. These Duplicators are so large that they take up all or most of the room they are situated in with strange, fleshy trunk-like structures, and have many more cores than the average Duplicator.

Iwazaru Note Description[edit | edit source]

  • Master. This is too much. The Strategic City Egg Duplicator is a nest. The mini egg-layers are building a base that takes advantage of the region. The cores are the weak points. Yellow cores are easily destroyed, but for the red cores, use the Hellion's Demon Shells. In the name of Harman...

References[edit | edit source]

  1. This music only plays when confronting the Duplicators in the Church in Alter Ego and in the Coburn Elementary School cafeteria in Smile.
  2. This music only plays when confronting the Duplicator on the second floor of the Union Hotel in Smile.
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