"You're an outsider? You've done well to make it this far."
—Drugstore Employee

The Drugstore Employee is a minor character in killer7. She is a young woman who works in the Ulmeyda InterCity drugstore. According to hand in killer7 she is apparently a 'slave to tradition' and a 'repressed' woman. In addition to commenting on Andrei Ulmeyda's outdated afro hairstyle, she notes that things have gotten strange since people with weird smiles started moving in. She does not seem to care much for Ulmeyda, and explains that despite being glad of the town's recent prosperity thanks to First Life, Inc., she just 'can't get along' with the firm's employees who now live in the town.

Although never specified, it is likely that her name is Audrey, as Audrey's Drugstore is the name of her store. Also, an unused image of a note is signed by someone named Audrey.

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