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Dreamland guidance member is a character in the video game Diabolical Pitch. He is an anthropomorphic cow and the only doll friendly to Nigel McAllister in Queen Christine's Dreamland. The guidance member greets McAllister upon arrival and grants him a bionic arm when he notices the pitcher's shoulder injury. While McAllister sought out Queen Christine's Dreamland to grant this wish, the guidance member indicates that "all dreams come with a price," and proceeds to guide McAllister through a number of attractions where he must put his new arm to the test against a horde of hostile dolls.

During McAllister's journey, the guidance member ponders such things as the nature of fixed sporting matches and the best games of McAllister's life.

The guidance member is likely a reference to the Japanese surreal horror film Gozu ("Cow Head"), which contains a cow-headed man that appears to the protagonist in a dream and gives him a note to guide him.

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