The Dominican Republic (ドミニカ 共和国, Dominika Kyōwakoku) is a location featured in killer7. It is the primary setting of Target04: Alter Ego. Although the area the Smith Syndicate visit is simply named 'Street' on the world map, it appears to be located near the country's capital Santo Domingo. This is supported by the killer7 Original Soundtrack, which correspondingly names one of the scenario's tracks as 'Santo Domingo'. It is notable for being one of the few locations in the game that is not situated within the United States.

Despite its beauty, the country is described as a 'Republic of Light and Shadow', and the Singer, an elderly inhabitant of Santo Domingo, describes his home as 'a lost city'. The streets are accordingly filled with Heaven Smiles, and anyone who becomes lost in the city will find themselves trapped in the 'city of smiles' forever.

Notable landmarks located in the area visited by the Smiths include Trevor Pearlharbor's villa, as well as a large church situated nearby. Visitors can get around the city quickly by using the 'devil's shortcut', a series of mysterious doors located in Trevor's villa which link to other areas once a nearby lamp is lit. One particularly dangerous section is the appropriately-named 'Lost City', a seemingly endless winding street which can only be escaped by following the sound of the Singer's guiding song.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The world map in the Japanese version of killer7 incorrectly displays the country's name as Dominica.
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