Dominator Demons are enemies featured in Shadows of the DAMNED. They first appear in Act 2-1.

Dominators are among the first special varieties of Demon Garcia Hotspur encounters in the City of the Damned. They are ferocious, relentless foes who use their arm-mounted buzzsaws to slice up their opponents. However, their dependence on human blood is their undoing; simply shooting the red core on their back repeatedly will shatter it, killing the Dominator instantly.

The best way to do this is to fire a Light Shot at them as they run towards Garcia, which will paralyse them briefly and leave them wide open for attack. Another method of momentarily stunning them is to simply hit them with a melee attack, which will disrupt their buzzsaw. While they are busy restarting their saws they can be safely attacked, although the time frame for this is very narrow.


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