Debora Flair is a character in the video game Michigan: Report from Hell. The cold and mysterious chief of ZaKa TV, she sends several television crews out into the horrors of the mist in order to cover the monster outbreak, holding more stock in notoriety than safety for her employees. Sound engineer Jean-Phillppe Brisco believes she is at least partly responsible for the monster outbreak, although the game never establishes that this is true.

Debora is encountered by the rookie ZaKa TV cameraman, Brisco, and their reporter in her office after they return to the Zaka TV headquarters from covering the outbreak. Brisco angrily berates Debora for putting the news teams into danger and demands that she find all of team members who went missing and have them safely evacuated. Debora responds that she already negotiated with the military to have a rescue transport at the Great Thesz Airport. However, she requests that before they can be evacuated, Brisco and his team must rescue ZaKa TV employee Glen Buckland from a detention center at Von Erich Library, which Brisco agrees to do.

Debora later appears at the Great Thesz Airport to be evacuated with the cameraman, Brisco, and the reporter. As she speaks to the cameraman about the evacuation, the mutated Pamela Martel appears behind her. If the cameraman saves her from Pamela, Brisco tells her to hide in the airport's security office while the team activates a lighthouse to notify the rescue transport of their location. If the cameraman does not save her, Debora is dragged off and presumably killed by the mutated Pamela.

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