Deathmatch is a mode in the video game No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, unlocked by playing through the storyline on any difficulty. In Deathmatch, battles against ranked assassins can be replayed with their Bitter Mode traits, and matches are timed. Under normal circumstances, bosses can only be fought using the protagonist who faces them in the game's story mode, however with the use of cheating devices, players can play as any ranked assassin they wish.


Assassin Fought as
Skelter Helter Travis Touchdown
Nathan Copeland Travis Touchdown
Charlie Macdonald Travis Touchdown
Matt Helms Travis Touchdown
Cloe Walsh Travis Touchdown
Dr. Letz Shake Travis Touchdown
Million Gunman Shinobu
New Destroyman Shinobu
Ryuji Travis Touchdown
Mimmy Henry Cooldown
Margaret Moonlight Travis Touchdown
Vladimir Taktarov Travis Touchdown
Alice Twilight Travis Touchdown
Jasper Batt Jr. Travis Touchdown
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