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Death Drive is a fictional 1981 arcade game developed by HAZRE in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. It was programmed by John Winter and was shrouded in mystery, anyone who played it allegedly having disappeared. Winter later worked on a series of game consoles for the CIA, also called Death Drive, alongside Dr. Juvenile. Death Drive is similar to the real world game Asteroids. The player's goal is to avoid asteroids while locating the mothership in each level, destroying it to proceed to the next stage.

Travis Touchdown accesses a version of Death Drive while playing an incomplete build of Killer Marathon. Bugxtra likens the appearance of Death Drive here as "Pandora's box coming back."

Cultural reference[]

  • The history of Death Drive and its status as a mystery that most people don't believe in, is inspired by the real-life urban legend of the arcade game Polybius.