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David (デイヴィッド, Deivu~iddo) is the main antagonist of Killer Is Dead. He is a 37-year-old American megalomaniac who plans to take over the earth from his mansion on the Moon. He is the king of the Wires. Mondo Zappa is hired to execute David by Moon River, the Goddess of the Moon, when David usurps it[1]. In battle, David wields two highly ornate scimitars.

David is fought multiple times throughout the game; first in Episode 4: The Man who Stole the Moon, after which he tells Mondo that killing him then would be a big mistake. He is fought next in Mondo's dream in Episode 8: She who Dances in Dreams, and then fought for the final time and subsequently killed in Episode 12: Chosen by the Moon.

David is, in actuality, Mondo's brother, and the Executioner played as in Episode 1: The Man who Chose the Moon. He rescued Mika Takekawa and then without her knowledge used her to spy on the Bryan Execution Firm after he left it. In the end of the game, he is defeated by Mondo who absorbs his Dark Matter.

David himself is somewhat of an opposite to Mondo, despite being brothers, with his outlandish personality, desire for absolute power, and outrageous clothing. Compare this to Mondo's lack of wants, black suit, and Mondo's general overpermissive nature, the difference is night and day.

He has godlike fashion sense[2].


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