"Do you believe in God? Down with the status quo! Hear me out, just for 3 seconds! I'll be done before you know it. And you won't regret a moment!"
—Cult Member

The Cult Member (カルトメンバー, Karutomenbā) is a character in killer7. He is a citizen of Ulmeyda InterCity and a fanatical devotee of Andrei Ulmeyda. He only appears during Target02: Cloudman, where he takes over Iwazaru's duties in helping the Smith Syndicate due to Iwazaru's intense dislike of afros.

The Cult Member appears as a young man with a black pompadour, dressed in pink workmen's clothes. He appears throughout InterCity to provide cryptic and often garbled hints, as well as near-nonsensical ravings concerning his religious beliefs. Although he professes to be a devout believer, he warns the killer7 at one point to trust nobody, not even God, suggesting a certain degree of confusion or doubt on his part. However, he also insists that both Travis and the pigeons can be trusted.

When the Smiths encounter him in the Iron Crow diner, the Cult Member reveals that the Ulmeyda Collection figurines were made to commemmorate Ulmeyda's 'thanksgiving' along with a biographical movie of his life. He goes on to say that in his attempts to acquire the complete collection, which he views as 'the flesh' of Ulmeyda, he killed a man who put the ultra-rare 12th figurine up for auction. As the Smiths progress through the city he continues to reaffirm his faith in Ulmeyda, eventually reassuring them outside the First Life, Inc. headquarters that his messiah has 'high hopes' for them.

As the Cult Member is a Remnant Psyche, he is presumably connected somehow to Harman Smith. Since nearly all the other Remnant Psyches in the game are known to have been personally killed by the Smiths, it is implied that the Syndicate were at some point assigned to take him out; however, his precise relationship with the assassins is never explained.


  • "God and the pigeons are one! Trust the numerous pigeons!"
  • "Don't trust anybody. Don't even trust God. But you can trust Travis."
  • "There is a secret figure in the collection. It's number 12. He put that rare one, the 12th up for sale at an auction. That's why I had to kill him."
  • "God has oomph! God loves vigour! God shuns the everyday!"
  • "Father never breaks his promise. The collections are the flesh of our Father."
  • "Father loves perfection. Father has high hopes for you."
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