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The Cross Sword is a weapon in the video game No More Heroes. It is a beam katana model constructed by the Russian technician Wolf Vann. Along with its principle blade, four stubby beams are also emitted; the user's fingers have limited protection from being caught in these beams due to small handguard. Being made of the same energy as the rest of the blade, the guard has the notable potential to stop an enemy's beam katana from sliding down and slicing through the hilt, and by proxy the user's hands. While similar to the Tsubaki series of beam katanas, the Cross Sword does not feature an extractable frame and is one of the only recognized beam katanas to emit properly without a receiver, another being the Tsubaki Mk-III.

Trading cardsEdit

The Cross Sword appears on two trading cards in the Design Materials set of No More Heroes. These are Trading Card No. 90 and Trading Card No. 147.

Downloadable content Edit

The Cross Sword can be equipped by Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, if obtained from PlayStation Network by customers who pre-order the game through[1]


  • A trading card which features concept art of the Cross Sword reveals that early in the development of No More Heroes, it was originally called the Cross Saber.
  • While No More Heroes was heavily influenced by Star Wars, no lightsaber resembling a claymore sword appeared in the Star Wars films preceding the game. Most beam katanas in No More Heroes follow the traditional lightsaber shape, such as the Tsubaki series, and the Cross Sword is one of only a few deviations from the parodied material. Ironically however, Star Wars: The Force Awakens released after No More Heroes and features a lightsaber with a beam-emitting hilt, not unlike the Cross Sword.


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