This is a list of all menu items that can be collected in the video game Contact.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Description Type Status changes Notes Location Price
Bat A wooden bat. Practice so you don't get hurt. Striking +7 offense, -5 agility Caldoaxa Ruins 200 coins
Cestus Deals a lot of damage in all-out combat. Punching +5 offense, +3 agility, +1 defense Caldoaxa Ruins 100 coins
Fruit Knife A small knife used to slice fruit. Slashing, cooking +5 offense, +10% cooking Chefs only Caldoaxa Ruins 150 coins
Knife A nice sized, easy to use blade. Slashing +6 offense Caldoaxa Ruins 120 coins
Paper Knife Opens envelopes; has a rounded tip for safety. Slashing +4 offense Caldoaxa Ruins 50 coins
Rusty Knife The salt from the ocean has rusted it through. Slashing +3 offense Deserted Isle Sells for 5 coins

Food[edit | edit source]

Name Description Recovery Digestion time Location Price
Bread Nothing tastes better than fresh bread. 25 HP, +20 stamina 1 minute, 40 seconds Caldoaxa Ruins 30 coins
Cheeseburger Made at home, it's the ultimate burger. 30 HP, +40 stamina, +10 defense, +2 stamina, +2 strength 3 minutes, 20 seconds Deserted Isle Sells for 25 coins
Cola Super bubbly soda. How bubbly? Try some out! 20 HP, +10 stamina, -5 wisdom 20 seconds Deserted Isle Sells for 30 coins
Herbs Used in many European dishes. Very refined. 40 HP, +6 stamina 15 seconds Deserted Isle, Caldoaxa Ruins 30 coins (sells for 7 coins)
Orange A summer fruit full of sunshiny goodness. 20 HP, +10 stamina 25 seconds Deserted Isle Sells for 25 coins
Tropical Fruit Exotic! Your passport to an island paradise. 20 HP, +20 stamina, +1 strength 50 seconds Deserted Isle Sells for 25 coins

Special items[edit | edit source]

Name Description Location
Bottle Letter Contains a sketch of La Chef Beach. Deserted Isle

Decals[edit | edit source]

Name Status changes Location
Personal Decal +3 fame Deserted Isle

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Name Description Cost
Body Shot Goes straight to the liver ad continues to inflict damage steadily. 1 EP
Dual Flash Quickly slash twice in a row. 1 EP
Trickle Spew a stream of water. (Water) 1 EP
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