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The colonel is a character in the video game Shadows of the DAMNED. He is encountered by Garcia Hotspur and Johnson in an abandoned cabin, where they are chased into by Paula. The colonel steps out of the cabin shortly after agreeing with Hotspur to stay out of each other's ways, leaving Hotspur and Johnson to sift through a newspaper advertisement describing a murder.

Story[edit | edit source]

The colonel appears to have come to the City of the Damned for the same reason as Hotspur, to rescue his wife, Maria Dominico. A newspaper advertisement in the cabin where Hotspur meets the colonel describes Dominico's death:

Maria Dominico, a native of Langosta, was found dead early Thursday morning outside her suburban home. She was 29 years old. According to local police, her skin had been completely removed. She is survived by her husband, Colonel [a red 'X' obscures the surname of the colonel, whose photo is attached to the page].

The colonel leaves Hotspur and Johnson in the cabin, however he later inadvertently rescues them from Elliot Thomas, who he blames for his wife's death. The colonel chases Thomas into the forest. His disembodied head is later found on the bridge where Hotspur faces Thomas. Johnson later casually utters how he can't imagine the colonel as a cherub gate guard, the most juvenile form of demon.

Appearance and personality[edit | edit source]

The colonel has two intersecting scars on his face which form a 'X.' He wears heavy military gear and carries a large machine gun. Before encountering him in the cabin, Hotspur and Johnson find a mess of demon remains implied to have been left by the colonel. The remains are strewn about the ground in the form of a 'X,' with Johnson positing that another demon hunter must be in their midst. Johnson refers to this other hunter as "Mr. X."

His appearance, name, and the death of his wife are all parodies of the Gears of War franchise, in particular Dominic Santiago. His codename, Mr. X, may also be a reference to another game Shinji Mikami worked on, Resident Evil 2, where a silent and brute killer stalked the main character named, "Mr. X."

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