Chronomes are unique combinations of characters, ships and time capsule configurations in Sine Mora. Chronomes can only be accessed in Arcade and Score Attack. Playing at least 25 different chronomes is required as part of obtaining the Inter Caecos Regnat Strabo achievement; the Suaviter In Modo requires playing at least 40 chronomes, while Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter requires playing through every single chronome.

Plane Pilot Capsule
01 Me-VI Argus Pytel Speed up
02 Me-VI Akyta Dryad Speed up
03 Me-VI Durak Speed up
04 Me-VI Lynthe Ytoo Speed up
05 Me-VI Ronotra Koss Speed up
06 Me-VI Myryan Magusa Speed up
07 Me-VI GARAI 74/22876 Speed up
08 Me-VI Argus Pytel Roll back
09 Me-VI Akyta Dryad Roll back
10 Me-VI Durak Roll back
11 Me-VI Lynthe Ytoo Roll back
12 Me-VI Ronotra Koss Roll back
13 Me-VI Myryan Magusa Roll back
14 Me-VI GARAI 74/22876 Roll back
15 Me-VI Argus Pytel Reflection
16 Me-VI Akyta Dryad Reflection
17 Me-VI Durak Reflection
18 Me-VI Lynthe Ytoo Reflection
19 Me-VI Ronotra Koss Reflection
20 Me-VI Myryan Magusa Reflection
21 Me-VI GARAI 74/22876 Reflection
22 BS4-VR Argus Pytel Speed up
23 BS4-VR Akyta Dryad Speed up
24 BS4-VR Durak Speed up
25 BS4-VR Lynthe Ytoo Speed up
26 BS4-VR Ronotra Koss Speed up
27 BS4-VR Myryan Magusa Speed up
28 BS4-VR GARAI 74/22876 Speed up
29 BS4-VR Argus Pytel Roll back
30 BS4-VR Akyta Dryad Roll back
31 BS4-VR Durak Roll back
32 BS4-VR Lynthe Ytoo Roll back
33 BS4-VR Ronotra Koss Roll back
34 BS4-VR Myryan Magusa Roll back
35 BS4-VR GARAI 74/22876 Roll back
36 BS4-VR Argus Pytel Reflection
37 BS4-VR Akyta Dryad Reflection
38 BS4-VR Durak Reflection
39 BS4-VR Lynthe Ytoo Reflection
40 BS4-VR Ronotra Koss Reflection
41 BS4-VR Myryan Magusa Reflection
42 BS4-VR GARAI 74/22876 Reflection
43 GE-22 Argus Pytel Speed up
44 GE-22 Akyta Dryad Speed up
45 GE-22 Durak Speed up
46 GE-22 Lynthe Ytoo Speed up
47 GE-22 Ronotra Koss Speed up
48 GE-22 Myryan Magusa Speed up
49 GE-22 GARAI 74/22876 Speed up
50 GE-22 Argus Pytel Roll back
51 GE-22 Akyta Dryad Roll back
52 GE-22 Durak Roll back
53 GE-22 Lynthe Ytoo Roll back
54 GE-22 Ronotra Koss Roll back
55 GE-22 Myryan Magusa Roll back
56 GE-22 GARAI 74/22876 Roll back
57 GE-22 Argus Pytel Reflection
58 GE-22 Akyta Dryad Reflection
59 GE-22 Durak Reflection
60 GE-22 Lynthe Ytoo Reflection
61 GE-22 Ronotra Koss Reflection
62 GE-22 Myryan Magusa Reflection
63 GE-22 GARAI 74/22876 Reflection
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