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Christopher Mills (クリストファー・ミルズ, Kurisutofā miruzu) is a character in the video game killer7. He is Garcian Smith's first controller, relaying him assignments from the American government.


Mills is a 49-year-old[1] agent for the American government. He is of Scottish descent and was born in Seattle.[1] Prior to working with the Smith Syndicate, Mills was an informant for Curtis Blackburn as well.[1] Mills appears to be acquaintances with Dan Smith, although the two are said to get along poorly. Apart from being an informant, Mills is described as an "appalling" assassin.

When Mills has information for Garcian, he is prone to leaving voicemail messages posing as a political canvasser to get Garcian's attention; the two then meet on the Seattle overpass where Mills instructs Garcian on the Smith Syndicate's next mission. Eventually Mills opts to tell Garcian about his past life as Emir Parkreiner, but before doing so Linda Vermillion assassinates him using a sniper rifle. Mills reappears one last time as a Remnant Psyche in the Union Hotel, shortly before Garcian confronts Harman Smith.

Three years later Garcian has embraced his Emir Parkreiner persona and takes up one final mission on Battleship Island. Here he is shown to now be in possession of Mills' car, previously owned by Andrei Ulmeyda and Gabriel Clemence, which he uses to drive across the intercontinental expressway to Battleship Island.

Official Website Description[]

Christopher Mills

Mills is an informant hired by the government of the United States.
He's an upbeat fellow but doesn't like to take risks. Mills serves as the liaison with the
Killer7. Mills meets Garcian, the contact of the Killer7 at the usual place.
Mills informs Garcian about the next assassination target at the Costello Bridge.


  • "Hello Mr. Smith. The election is drawing near. Have you decided on your vote? If you haven't, please let the Republic Party make the most of your precious vote. Thank you and have a nice day."
  • "What can you do when the whole world has its eyes on you?"
  • "What's sad is that we've gotten used to this. I mean our senses... Ah, it's pathetic."
  • "Pfft. Who in the hell was that? What, a new type of stalker?"
  • "You can't last in this business relying on 'feelings,' but I trust you know that."
  • "You know, I'd always wanted to die like a guy in the movies. Chest riddled with bullets, right? Well, I got my wish."
  • "Our lives are no more valuable than an insect's. Once you get close to the nation's secrets, you become expendable."
  • "But will anything change? You expect some revolution? Well, a dog can't do shit. Has a dying country ever created anything worth its salt?"
  • "Why the glum face? What happened? Garcie, don't cry. That ain't like you. The last thing I want to see is you crying, Garcie. It just don't feel right."
  • "The only way to wipe those tears away is to overcome the past."
  • "I'll be waiting for you in my new sleek on my side of the world."


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