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Christine (久利寿珍, Kurisutin) is a character in the video game Diabolical Pitch. She is the animatronic ruler of Queen Christine's Dreamland. Her boss battle plays much like the one against Giant Head later in Killer Is Dead.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Christine's castle attraction appears to be built around her enormous body as she is capable of swinging her fists through entire rooms explored by Nigel McAllister. Confronting him in battle, Christine grows increasingly angry and impatient, crying blood and smashing her face over her castle's stonework when she is outsmarted. McAllister sends a Diabolical Pitch through her heart when she becomes vulnerable, destroying her body. The spirit of Christine speaks, granting McAllister his original arm. The park then begins to crumble and McAllister returns to the baseball moment before his arm was damaged, as the crowd cheers.

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