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Christina (クリスチーナ, Kurisuchiina) is a character in Flower, Sun, and Rain. He is a pink crocodile kept as a pet by Toriko Kusabi. Most chapters in the game conclude with a brief cinematic where Kusabi asks characters previously met by Sumio Mondo for help finding Christina, who escapes Kusabi's Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel room early in the game.

As shown in Pre-Lunatics, Tetsugoro Kusabi owns a keychain that resembles him and has a picture of him with Toriko.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Christina is able to speak with Kusabi, and admits he is ashamed of being pink; he also resents Kusabi for taking advantage of this by giving him a girl's name. Before revealing he can speak, the player likely assumes Christina is a female crocodile, the surprise being kept by the game's instruction manual which refers to Christina as "it", and characters in the game referring to the crocodile as "she" before the reveal.

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