Chillko is a character in Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. She is an inhabitant of Ershiwu Long City in Japan's 0 Ward as well as Dr. Juvenile's former best friend. She leads Travis to the whereabouts of the Death Ball containing Killer Marathon.

Appearance and personality Edit

She is depicted as a gentle-looking woman with long hair pulled into a thick ponytail.

Her demeanor is noticeably different from most others Travis encounters during his quest to gather the Death Balls. She doesn't bear any suspicion towards Travis upon meeting him and readily offers her help on multiple occasions.

She still retains fondness for Juvenile, referring to her as "Juve" in speech.

History Edit

Chillko first appears in the "Modern Observation" scenario of Travis Strikes Back. Upon Travis' arrival to 0 Ward, Chillko approaches him on her bike and insists that he has an appointment at an unspecified location.

She transports him to a dilapidated group of buildings known as Ershiwu Long City (previously known as “Kowloon”), where Juvenile used to live. She reveals that she was once close enough to Juvenile to describe her as her best friend. When asked about Juvenile's person, Chillko responds that she was "complicated" and "hard to explain". She goes on to explain that Juvenile gave the Death Ball containing Killer Marathon to her ex-boyfriend when they broke up. Initially, they endeavor to ask all three thousand residents of Kowloon about the location of Juvenile's ex; but she decides to skip that part for character limit reasons.

They arrive to a house submerged up to its roof in ocean water where Juvenile's ex-boyfriend, Kurumizawa, still resides. After Travis receives the Death Ball, Chillko witnesses a fight between him and an armed assailant, Shiroyabu. Travis suplexes the man so hard that he loses consciousness, so he entrusts the care of an incapacitated Shiroyabu to Chillko. When she asks him how he'll get back to dry land, Travis flippantly responds that he'll just swim back to America instead.

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