The Mega Battleship Charybdis is a mini-boss featured in Sine Mora. It is briefly fought by Ronotra Koss partway through STAGE - VI.A.

The Charybdis is a Layil Empire ship moored in a river flowing through Tira. It is similar to the Scylla, another Layil ship fought some 137 circles previously at Bokumono by Myryan Magusa, except for the addition of some colourful lights. As with the Scylla, the Charybdis possesses mediocre defences and is not a serious threat, although its laser turrets are capable of creating more intricate bullet patterns than its counterpart.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Charybdis (Χάρυβδις) was a creature mentioned in ancient Greek mythology as one of two major hazards encountered by Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey. On either side of a narrow strait through which Odysseus' ship was forced to pass lay two creatures: Scylla, a man-eating sea monster with six heads, dwelt within a rock on one side, while on the other side, beneath a smaller rock, lived Charybdis, whose habit of swallowing in large amounts of water created whirlpools that wrecked passing ships. Some tellings of the myth simply identify Charybdis as a whirlpool1.

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