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Charge Mode is the method used to recharge a beam katana's battery in both installments of the No More Heroes video game series. The Battery Meter on the right side of the screen displays the beam katana's remaining battery charge, and once depleted, the beam katana will be unusable until it has been recharged. In No More Heroes, the Battery Meter is a conventional meter, whereas in the sequel Desperate Struggle, it is represented by a phallic question mark. Charge Mode is entered by pressing the 1 Button, and the recharging process is performed by shaking the Wii Remote repeatedly in any direction. Both this action and Touchdown's onscreen action mimic male masturbation. While recharging, the battery charge in the meter at the right of the screen will be shown to rise, and once fully recharged, a chime will be heard and Charge Mode will end. During Charge Mode, Travis Touchdown is vulnerable to the enemy's attacks.

While picking up a battery will instantly revitalize Touchdown's weapon, Charge Mode is the only way of manually replenishing a beam katana's charge, with the exception of a Tsubaki Mk-III fitted with the third Energy Saving Parts, which allows it to never need recharging. Other characters in Desperate Struggle also "recharge" their weapons such as Shinobu, who replenishes her Jacob's Ladder katana by sharpening it with her nails.

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